Making the Call: Cell Phone Health Risks Debated in D.C. Today

News out of Washington today: Pensylvania Senator and brain cancer survivor Arlen Specter will hold a Senate committee hearing today on whether using your cell phone could be making you sick. And at the same time, an international conference is examining the scientific research on cancer risks linked to exposure to cell phone radiation.

Dr. Devra Davis is a university professor of public health who's testifying at the Congressional hearing and organizing the conference. She says there's mounting evidence cell phone use may come at a high price, and more research is needed -- despite cell phone industry assurances there is no public health risk.

Lloyd Morgan is the author of the International EM-F Collaborative report that is critical of cell phone industry research, and is attending today's events. He says children are especially vulnerable to cell phone radiation exposure, which is alarming because more and more kids are using cell phones.

A recent report from the International E-M-F Collaborative raises questions about the design protocol used to analyze the cancer risks of cell phones in cell phone industry-funded studies, and cites research that shows regular cell phone use can lead to a "significant" increase in brain tumor risk.

The National Cancer Institute, meanwhile, says there is no solid evidence of a link between cell phone use and brain cancer.

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