Madden: Tip-Sharing is Employee Driven Initiative

Madden: Tip-Sharing is Employee Driven Initiative

House Bill 112 has been sent back to committee for reworking due to vague language in an amendment. This essentially means the measure is off the table until next year.

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House Representative for House District 40, Mike Madden, has come under fire recently for his support for House Bill 112, which could make it possible for service-industry professionals to be required to pool a portion of their tips and share it with other staff members. The enables employers to require waitresses to contribute 15 percent of their tips, after minimum wage, to be given to bussers, bartenders, and other secondary servers.

Many servers say the law is threatening to their incomes. Amber Schimka, a waitress, has worked in tip-based jobs for approximately 15 years.

Representative Madden says he wants to change the law to allow employer-mandated pooling of tips because current trends in upscale restaurant service provide for several different servers to help with a single table, but those business currently have no way to split a tip.

Furthermore, he said the bill came to him from employees who desire to share a portion of their tips but have no legal avenue for doing so. Madden says the bill enables a restaurant to have one waiter to provide service to many tables.

Madden said the bill would not enable employees to pay secondary servers less than the federally mandated minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. He also said an amendment has been added to the bill that would enable employees to opt out of the tip-sharing program upon written notice.

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