Madden Discusses Revenue Bills With Commissioners

State Representative Mike Madden
State Representative Mike Madden

State Senator John Schiffer and State Representative Mike Madden stopped by the Johnson County Commissioner's meeting Tuesday to discuss the upcoming legislative session that begins in just a few weeks.

Madden gave some details on a few bills to the commissioners that he feels they should keep an eye on, as they will probably spark some debate among lawmakers.

House Bill 0021, Madden explained, closes a loophole in the property tax exemption where someone could buy a large acreage of land, build a house in the middle of it and then designate the surrounding lands to a charitable organization to gain a property tax exemption.

Madden said House Bill 0022 will provide the interest rate for delinquent taxes from mineral audits. This sets a lesser interest rate on delinquent taxes as determined by audit and also allows for an exemption of interest regarding the time of the audit.

Madden spoke briefly on Senate File 0033, explaining its intention is to specify the appeal process for property tax assessment relating to ad valor um taxation. It outlines the appeal process for the hearing conducted by the county Board Of Equalization, and provides for their rule-making authority.

One issue the county commissioners asked Madden and Schiffer to look into is the tax refunds and rebates the county must pay back to mineral companies when production is less than they estimated.

Commissioner Jim Hicks, Treasurer Carla Faircloth and Madden discussed the matter further.

The Wyoming State Legislative session begins Monday, February 10th in Cheyenne.

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