Lummis Shares Views On Military Actions In Afghanistan

Wyoming’s lone United States Representative, Cynthia Lummis, has a message for President Barack Obama. She says the President should take General McChrystal’s advice and approve a surge in the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Lummis says the longer President Obama takes to decide on what action he will take in Afghanistan the more American troops lives will be put at risk. General McChrystal recommended a surge of nearly 45,000 troops to mount a counter-insurgency offensive in the Afghanistan conflict with the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Lummis suggests that many of the troops could be transferred from U.S. Bases in Iraq to the surge in Afghanistan.

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I'm a bit more than tired

I'm a bit more than tired of these armchair Generals in congress who never served a day in the Army suddenly know every aspect of military operations. Perhaps if the good congresswoman had family in Afghanistan, or was herself serving back to back tours there she'd be a little less eager to send other people's sons and daughters to this rat hole? Obviousley if she thinks displacing troops from Iraq to Afghanistan is a great idea she can't even read a map.

UnConstitutional War

Before I comment I want to make this clear I support Veterans my dad is a Gulf War Veteran that was in the Marines and I have many military Veterans in my family.

Our Federal government has gotten completely out of control. There was never a legal declaration of War from Congress, therefore this war is illegal and what have we solved????

Even Veterans are asking this question, don't believe me go to Iraq Vets against the War website and you will see.

The GOP has jumped on the bandwagon instead of questioning is this war Constitutional? What are we accomplishing? Our borders are wide open yet we are out playing police in other countries when we can't even fix our own. (and no just because I call out the GOP doesn't mean I am progressive, I am far from it, I am a Constitutionalist)

How can we be an example when we can't even take care of our own Republic, the United State's of America.

I also get tired of this mumbo jumbo about "spreading democracy"

If history was actually taught correctly, our children would be learning we are a Republic, not a democracy. Big difference! In a democracy states' are not sovereign it's "majority rules" and whatever the Union says is so, but according to the 10th amendment the US has sovereign states therefore we are a Republic and each State in this country has a right to decide what is best for their state...

Politicians better start getting some principals and backbone, obviously Lummis has been ignoring the Tea Party message. Constitution & Principals first! For example, I heard her speak and complain about the Stimulus saying how it would affect every single tax payer and bracket, then when it passed I heard her get on the radio and complain that we didn't get enough stimulus money? Politicians need to make up their minds, either they are with their platform or not. Last year I also watched her vote and yes on an appropriations bill, that would send foreign aide/money to other country's border security and bank accounts. What about demanding our broken border system be fixed before we go helping other borders!?!?!

Congress has only issued a

Congress has only issued a formal declaration of war against other contries five times in our nation's history (War of 1812, Mexican-American War, Spanish-American War, World War I, and World War II). Commencing in 1798, there have been 12 times where Congress has authorized the use of military force without a formal declaratrion of war. This includes Afghanistan, which was authorized through Senate Joint Resolution 23 and passed 98-0 in the Senate and 420-1 in the House on November 14, 2001. As such, I don't believe there is anything unconstituional about our present military situation, but the practical and moral aspects are another matter completely.

Maybe not, but personally I

Maybe not, but personally I think they should be required to "man up" and declare war before they send troops to combat.

I have an idea

How about we stop the "Empire Building", and bring our sons and daughters home. The only reason the boogie man wants to come over here and attack us is because, our politicians wont keep their nose out of other countries business. It is NOT the American tax payers job to police the world government.

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