For The Love Of Music

By Judy Hagerott
The Wyoming Girls School received a special visit Friday from some very talented musicians. A string quartet from the Powder River Symphony in Gillette played for the students as part of an education grant they received to give in-school type performances.
The Powder River Symphony is composed of 40-50 musicians; the core group is from Gillette, but many others join from around the region including Laramie, Buffalo, Sheridan, and the Black Hills area and play simply for the love of music.
The quartet played a variety of music including selections from Bach, Beethoven, and also the Irish jig Garryowen, which became the marching song for General George Armstong Custer’s 7th Calvary.
Wanting to expose kids to the classics, Deb Anderson, a violinist from Gillette said that music is a universal language; you can always communicate with music. Other members of the quartet included Klea Welz, Heather O’Brien, and Janette Leno-Thomas.
The quartet also played at Martin Luther Grammer School.  On April 11 at the Cam-plex in Gillette, the symphony will give a free concert for all under the age of 18.

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