Lot Adjustment, Road Width Discussed By Jo Co Commission

Johnson County Planner Rob Yingling
Johnson County Planner Rob Yingling

At their last meeting the Johnson County Commissioners discussed lot adjustments, road widths standards and similar planning issues with County Planner Rob Yingling.

The commissioners approved a lot adjustment between a landowner and an adjacent lot owned by the developer in the Rock Creek Subdivision to fix a fence line on the lots to clean up their deeds and clear the way for the developer's lot to be sold.

Also discussed was county road standards and the possibility of changing them.

Yingling explained why the road width issue has resurfaced.

He said using those calculations, trips generated out of that subdivision would be over 700 per day, which is overkill for a rural subdivision. According to the county's specifications, the road width would need to be 20 feet of travel-way and 4 feet of shoulder for a total of 28 feet of paved road.

That is wider than a lot of main roads like Rock Creek Road, according to Yingling, and he would like to see the county readdress road widths standards because of situations like this.

The commissioners advised him to have county Road and Bridge install a traffic counter in the area to collect data and bring it before the commission for more discussion before they possibly change county road standards.

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