Loss of Sales Tax Would be Big Hit to Ranchester Budget

Loss of the optional one percent sales tax would translate to a big hit to Ranchester's budget.

Mayor Peter Clark said the town's budget for the current year is $1.3 million, and the town receives about $200,000 as its share of the optional one percent tax revenues. He said that's a significant amount.

Clark said the town uses the optional tax revenues primarily for equipment repair and social services.

Clark said the town also uses optional funds for discretionary purposes, such as an emergency repair of equipment that wasn't budgeted for. He said the town also provides optional one-cent funds for the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce.

In an earlier interview, Sheridan County Commission Chairman Mike Nickel said the optional sales tax has been collected in the county since the 1970s. The tax, which is presented to county voters for renewal every four years, was last approved in 2014 and will be up for election in November this year.


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