Long Awaits Murray Apology

A man who identifies himself as a former campaign manager for the Murray for Secretary of State Campaign says Ed Murray, an attorney from Cheyenne, is not fit for the job. Clay Long says Murray has not apologized to him, personally, for an obscene email received by a Murray staffer, and in doing so endorses the action. However, Murray's Campaign Manager, Bill Novotny, maintains that the candidate was advised by counsel not to contact Long, personally.

The email Long describes is a crudely drawn graphic of a brand on a bull that could be perceived as male genitalia with a headline calling the image “Clay’s Personal Brand,” sent anonymously from the Washakie Museum and Cultural Center in the Big Horn Basin. Long said he learned the email was sent by a Murray staffer after realizing the Murray campaign was in that area at the time the email was sent. His suspicion was then verified after he contacted museum management. Novotny said the staffer, he identified as Deke Dunne, was not fired over the incident, but was reprimanded and did send an email apology to Long so that should be enough. He defended the actions during a recent interview with Sheridan Media’s Kim Love.

Love was speaking of Bill Cubin of the Murray campaign who in a statement to the media said Long is a foul-mouthed man who speaks in a demeaning manner toward women. Long says that characterization is a lie and says if that were the case he would have been reprimanded for such behavior. Novotny said campaign managers believe handling the incident by disciplinary measures was adequate, so that should be the end of the discussion. Long disagrees and is still waiting for his apology.

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