Lockdown at BHS "Routine"

Lockdown at BHS "Routine"

Parents and members of the community may have been surprised if they had called Buffalo High School Wednesday morning and been told the school was under a lockdown. Immediately most would think something bad had already happened or was in the process of happening.

But according to BHS Principal Chad Bourgeois, it was only a normal, routine drill.

Bourgeois said the police K9 units responded to the high school at his request, but found nothing.

These drills are just a normal monthly procedure, he said, much like the fire drills of years past. In today's world it's just another way for staff and students, and the community for that matter, to be prepared in case of an emergency situation.

well cato since you seem to

well cato since you seem to be a school security expert... why don't we just have all the students charge out of the school out of a limited number of doorways so a school shooter can be waiting outside to mow them all down??? great idea

BHS Lock Down

J. Michael Wallop
I find it deeply disturbing that the principal would lock down the school then call it a drill? Then request K9 units. This sounds more like the principle was looking for something else and used the drill as a cover up.

J. Michael Wallop


What do we practice during a fire drill? Isn't it about evacuating the school and escaping danger?

Why then do we "lockdown" a school if something "bad" happens. Wouldn't it make more sense to get out and avoid the danger?

Lockdowns are used in prison, to keep track of prisoners and contain a situation. Have our schools become prisons? Isn't the safety of our kids most important?

Best way to avoid a bad situation? Don't be around when something bad happens.

Our schools are, by law, "Defense-less Victim Zones" and should be fled from, at the first sign of danger, be it fire or worse. Lock-down yourself if you choose, but don't force others to remain in a dangerous situation.

Give me Liberty or....

Give me Liberty or....

You mistakenly attempt to

You mistakenly attempt to paint all situations with the same broad brushstroke, Cato. There are times when it is safer to flee from something and other times when it is safer to isolate and protect. Of course you would escape from a burning building, but you would want to be in your cellar or basement when a tornando was approaching. Without knowing what type of safety drill the school was practicing, there is no reason to be critical of something you do not understand.


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