A Local Writer Tells A WWII Story That Is Personal, Universal and Distinct

Her verve for literature, writing and teaching makes Jane Wohl an exceptionally radiant and charismatic teacher, who has passed these passions to many of her pupils during her roughly 30 years of instructing. Jane teaches English at Sheridan College among other things, and recently went on Sabbatical to focus on other areas of her work. She presented an excerpt at last night's NWCC meeting. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love hasmore

Some may suspect that those on Sabbatical are secretly catching up on watching the plethora of bizarrely fascinating videos proliferating on youtube. And I'm not talking about the ones with significant informative, cultural or artistic value, but rather the other zillion that have gone viral. Apparently, however, Jane, did not spend her days absorbed by cats playing the piano, but instead completed several drafts of a quite serious project:

And writing this particular story about her father, seemed important, Jane says:

Jane, who has written and published numerous things over the years, says she is working on her 6th draft of the screenplay, which is entitled "Wooden Shoes" in its current incarnation. She is also back to teaching. But as far as other current writing projects, she says:

You tube has videos of cats figure skating? Um, in that case, for Sheridan media dot com news, this is Betsy Love reporting.

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