Local Vet Talks About Preparing for a Visit

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(Courtesy of  Creative Commons-Photobucket)
(Courtesy of Creative Commons-Photobucket)

Many people find a trip to the veterinarian frustrating with animals that just won't cooperate. Local Veterinarian Stephanie Blevins recently came on our Public Pulse News show to discuss how to prepare your pet for a “worry-free” doctor visit.

Animals will act differently when they leave their home environment,she explained, which leads to issues when they are taken to the veterinarian's office.

She also said that just like when you visit to the doctor, pet owners should be prepared with any questions or concerns.

Blevin said one of the biggest issues at her office is when people bring pets who are not properly restrained. She suggests bringing your pet in a carrier or on a leash—even cats. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, any pet under 10 should visit the vet once annually, and those pets who are older should go twice a year for a check-up.


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