Local Snowbirds are Back at Meadowlark

Caravans of cars are once again trailing up the nearby mountains every winter weekend. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the story

There has been a noticeable pall over the local snow bunny population in recent years. With all the nearby lodges closed, downhill skiers and boarders had to either drive hours away to get their mogul fix, or just sadly let their skis gather dust flakes instead of snowflakes. Well, not anymore. Meadowlark Ski Lodge is officially reopened for business. The new owners are Wayne and Holli Jones, and Holli tells us that it's been a gratifying run, so far: (cut 1)

Oh, come on now...ALL worthwhile? (cut 2)

Uh-huh...just a couple runs I bet.

The friendly Meadowlark Ski lodge is located by Tensleep and open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They've got two lifts, a natural half-pipe, a mini park, and plenty of greens, blues and blacks to satiate beginners and experts.

And luckily, the snow gods seem to favor that part of the Big Horns, so as this reporter learned first hand, they've got plenty of...well, I shouldn't tease--we still have a few days 'til the weekend. (cut 3)

From the top of the snowy Big Horns for Sheridanmedia.com News, this is Betsy Love ski---I mean, for Sheridanmedia.com News, this is Betsy Love reporting.

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