Schools Launch Classic-K Program

Superintendent Marty Kobza -- Stock Photo
Superintendent Marty Kobza -- Stock Photo

Officials at Sheridan County School District 1 have announced they'll be offering classic kindergarten at both Big Horn and Tongue River elementary schools in the 2014-15 school year.

Superintendent Marty Kobza said classes will run Monday through Thursday, during the school year, from 8-11 or 8-2:30, depending on student readiness. Once a child completes classic kindergarten, he said the student will move on to kindergarten.

Tuition is free for children who turn 5 years old, before Sept. 15. Screenings and enrollment for pre-kindergarten, classic kindergarten or kindergarten will be offered on April 25 at Big Horn, from 8-noon, and from 8-2, May 16, at Tongue River.

According to the news release, the curriculum for classic kindergarten will focus on building the necessary foundation for success in kindergarten, including literacy development, basic math concepts, creative expression, cultivation of independence and key social skills. Students will also be given the opportunity to get acquainted with the technology they’ll be using in elementary school.

The superintendent explained that classic kindergarten is for 5 year olds, who are ready to go beyond the pre-K curriculum, but not quite ready for the rigors of today's kindergarten. The class will be taught, and managed, jointly, he said, by their kindergarten and pre-K teachers, with the aid of reading and math specialists. He said they'll also develop individual learning plans for each student, as well, which will allow the staff to better prepare each child, academically and socially, for kindergarten.

For more information, call the district. The numbers are posted with this story at

Big Horn Elementary at 307-672-3497
Tongue River Elementary at 307-655-2206

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