Local Officials Respond To Changes in Federal Fluoridation Guidelines

Local Officials Respond To Changes in Federal Fluoridation Guidelines

Fluoridating our local public water supply has taken a new twist, as the federal government recently revised levels recommended to be added to public drinking water. Previously, recommendations ranged from .7 parts per million (ppm) to 1.2 ppm. Anticipated changes to federal guidelines would reflect the lower limit of these recommended levels, or .7 ppm.

Though this issue was not specifically addressed at the first Sheridan Area Water Supply Joint Powers Board meeting of the year this Wednesday night, it remains an ongoing issue as local public officials are looking into re-fluoridating local water supplies. Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey:

The fluoridation of public water has been called by some as one of the great medical achievements of the 20th century because of its impact in reducing dental decay. However, signs that some children are ingesting too much fluoride--indicated by increased tooth "spotting" or dental fluorosis, is one reason the federal government is looking to revise fluoridation guidelines.

There are no figures yet as to how much it would cost to fluoridate local public water. Mayor Kinskey says the federal government has not offered financial incentives for fluoridating our water supply:

Tom Ringley, who was reelected as SAWS Chairman at Wednesday's meeting, says because over 80% of the water customers would be Sheridan city residents,:

Ringley says he thinks it would still be several years before any fluoridation program would be implemented.


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