Local Legislator Talks About The Upcoming Budget Session

The state legislature will have their work cut out for them when they convene in February for the budget session. State Representative John Patton appeared on KROE'S Public Pulse program Tuesday and he addressed the topic of preparing for a tough budget session in 2010.

The state budget session will convene in Cheyenne February 8th 2010.

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our collective opinions...

Put your gripes to work. Don't just tell the people of Sheridanmedia that you're upset, take these comments and forward them all to the correct authorities. We put these people into office, now tell them how you feel!! We have represenatives here in town...put your phone to use! Make our tax money work for us in a positive way to put down it's use in a negative fashion!!

J. S. Luckjohn

A tight budget

I guess the budget is pretty tight, I just wonder why at the same time they cut services for the handicapped the funds were found somewhere to purchase the Rockwell building for $5000000.00 (thats five million) dollars. That amounts to about $330.00 for everyone in sheridan.


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