Local Judge Charged With Two Misdemeanors

Sheridan Municipal Court Judge Stuart Healy has been charged with two misdemeanors that stem from an incident in August where Healy confronted two adults and three juveniles near his home. According to court documents, one of the adults, 18 year old Lane Terzieff claims he was struck by Healy and that Healy appeared to be intoxicated during the incident.

Healy is being charged with one count of unlawful contact and one count of breach of peace. Healy is scheduled to appear before Judge Thomas Harrington in Sheridan Circuit Court on January 6th.

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Amazed by the tone of these postings.

I feel as though I am reading a different town’s comment page. Punk this; Hillbilly that; blah-blah pass the buck. I must be lucky as I cannot recall the last time someone was rude or disrespectful to me in this town. Not to say this has “never” happened, rather that the rudeness that had occurred did not leave a lasting impression on me. Reading these posts makes me feel that I should take up arms or at a minimum punch someone for something. Growing up in a small town I can empathize with our youth, depending on their tastes; there are limited options of activity for them, the same held true for me when I was growing up. Youth will do what many generations did before them, cope with the limited choice and/or improvise. I think saying, “When I was young we did this and this”, and expecting the youth to do what “you” did is pretty oppressive. Maybe we should expend a bit of time and resources polling the community on things we like to do, then create a new service to meet those needs that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg? I disagree that youth through the ages are responsible for the proposed decline in showing respect; frankly if there is a measurable decline, the blame belongs squarely on the parent’s and adult community shoulders. It seems to me that the vast majority of adults seem to spend less and less of their time being involved with and teaching their children, as they are “too” busy themselves.

There is nothing new under the sun-Ecclesiastes

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. The subject has been beaten to death. Censorship is when the GOVERNMENT supresses free speech, not a private entity. If you don't like it, start your own media outlet.

that is not entirely true...

that is not entirely true... The right is one group or person restricting the right of another. By what your saying, union members would not have the right to talk and protest about possable poor work conditions.. Blackwater "a private entity" could show up at the door of your home, and tell you to shut your trap.... Would that make it right due to the fact that they are private ? When the government gets involved in free speech issues it becomes a form of Communism.

Ignorance is bliss

Censorship is the use of state or group power to control freedom of expression. In a modern sense censorship consists of any attempt to suppress information, points of view, or method of expression such as art, or profanity. Censorship is commonly used by social groups, organized religions, corporations and governments to control information to the masses. Feel free to look it up.

Censorship, control, power, responsibility. Different strokes for different folks. blah, blah, blah, very rational. Since you are quoting scripture, I wonder if Jesus was censored or was he just crucified because the government didnt like his message?


Scripture to you, and to others constitutes different writings. Since you are talking about Jesus, you are obviously referring to the New Testament, something which I, an Orthodox Jew do not recognize as scripture. "Look it up", genius.


Ok for that person that says we have nothing to do um we were long boarding, but we got inturrupted by a old man that was drunk out of his mind. Well really from how I see it we didnt do anything but try and do something to keep us from being bored but yet someone had to stop that. And for the person that said we dont do anything for our town...why? Why should we? I got into trouble for playing tag out at big horn and the first thing they thought we had intentions on doing is blowing up the school. Yeah I think this is why we dont respect our town that much.

Lack of respect

A lack of respect is why so many youths are deemed as punks. Over the course of the last few generations respect has been going by the way side. You said it yourself that you don't respect our town that much, so do to your lack of respect you get a lack of respect in return.

As far as the cops being suspicious of your activities, well have you watched the news lately? Have you seen what has been happening in the world around us? We are at war for one thing, there have been multiple shootings at schools and at businesses, and our own town has had several bomb threats at our local schools in the past few years. We also recently had another attempt to blow a plane out of the sky. Heck they just had to shut down the courthouse because of a possible anthrax scare. The cops have every reason to be suspicious of any activity. But if you are doing nothing wrong, then there is nothing to get upset about, just be glad that they are doing their job and trying to protect our little corner of the world.

Now I know that I wasn't there the night of the alleged assult between Healy and the youths so I do not know how everything went down. Maybe the youths weren't doing anything, maybe they were. Maybe they were respectful of him regardless of his possible drunk condition and were attacked unfairly, maybe they weren't. Like I said I do not know as I was not there so I am not going to make any judgements one way or another.

I have only been responding to these comments because of the youths whining and complaining that there is nothing to do in this town. Well in all honestly there are plenty of things for a person or persons to do, the big issue is the lack of willingness to do them. Using excuses such as we'd be looked at as a group of thugs if we try and do something, is just that, an excuse. You know what they say about excuses? Everybody has one and they all stink.

Yes you might at first be looked at with suspicion if you start getting a club or an orginization together, but like I said if you aren't doing anything wrong then there is nothing to get upset about. You just have to prove that you are doing something good, something positive and eventually the suspicion will go away. I'll let you in on a little secret, we all have to prove ourselves trustworthy every now and then whether we are young or old. So just get used to that idea and get over yourselves. The biggest difference between being a youth and being an adult is that youths have more to prove right now than adults do. But that is because adults have had a lot more years to prove themselves and we had to start when were youths too.

The youth of this country is our country's future, do you think that any of us adults who have worked so hard trying to keep this country from crumbling are going to just want to hand it over to just anyone? That mentality has been going on since this country began. My parent's generation thought that about my generation, my grandparent's generation thought that about my parent's generation, and so on back through history. So trust me when I say, it's not just your generation who has been looked upon unfairly. However, your generation has a lot to learn about respect because as I said earlier, with each new generation there has been more lack of respect. That I will admit is the fault of past generations beacuse they failed in not commanding respect from the youth of their time.

There are a few inalianable

There are a few inalianable truths that you have to accept in life. One of them is that when you get old you will think that children respected their elders. I am 20 and I constantly hear that people my age do not respect their elders. I give a great deal of respect to people that deserve it. Because respect is something that is earned, not automatic. If I met you on the street and I was disrespectful to you it is because you act in a manner that deserves such treatment. Maybe you could do a better job of teaching younger generations about respect by not demanding it because of age.

lets see how you feel when

lets see how you feel when your 30 lol.... As to what your saying respect is earned, I teach my kids that everyday... As a parent it is a fine line, you dont teach your kid to respect an elder pedofile. As I said before it all goes back to the parent.

Find something to do

Good for you for finding something to do. As for doing something "for" the town, thats not a bad idea. Taking pride in the place you live. How you do that is up to you. But being mad that an officer was suspicious of you is rediculous. He would be very bad at his job if he was not. I would rather all police be extremly suspicious than clueless.

The Justice of Justice!

I agree, I would like to go on a ride along with the "JUDGE"! I have only two words to complete this topic! "GRAND TORINO" Now skoot back into your hole punks!

Way to go

I think that it is important that when a person is murdered that some other people should loose some rights and freedoms. The good ole' Judge is a hero in my book. A true Draconian model. I think he should be awarded for what he did. We should use the tax money and buy him a fancy baseball bat and a truck load of booze. Then he could roam the town and beat up teenagers before they could get in anymore trouble. If any teen is out after 2 in the afternoon "The Judge" will deal them a swift blow of judgement. You might call it profiling, but I call it justice.

Do ya think Sheridan could

Do ya think Sheridan could also get its own reality TV show ? Maybe they could up the amount of Foride in our water too..


The only thing we can do is to give THE JUDGE a tv show. I'm sure the mayor would use our tax money fund the show in order to get Sheridan more national exposure. But we would only film the show in the "nice" parts of town. We wouln't want anybody to see the downers addition or the other parts of town where the "important" people don't live. After all people don't care about crime in those parts of town.

Tonight on channel 5.....THE JUDGE...raw and uncut...and sloshed.

The only way kinskey would

The only way kinskey would fund a tv show,is if kinskey was the only person on the show.Daves ego can't handle anything less.

Kinskey and THE JUDGE off

Kinskey and THE JUDGE off together on a series of zany mishaps while delivering justice to all of. Kinskey, the mastermind of all operations, brings along his wacky sidekick, THE JUDGE. Together they make a mockery of the system like you have never seen before on tv.


Okay, first I have to say I know members of both families, including the Judge himself. I believe the boys were probably not "up to" anything except being boys, a little loud, laughing, joking, etc. However, I think we need to remember a couple of things.
1. A man had just been murdered in his home not far away a few nights before. This is NOT the "norm" in this area. We have had very few deliberate homicides in the last 20 years here. I can only think of maybe 4 or 5. This is a fairly law-abiding town, other than the DUIs and Public Intoxications.
2. An individual over the age of 21 who is not on probation or parole, whether they've been to rehab or not, has the right to drink in their home. It is NOT considered "public intoxication" to have a few drinks at home and then go outside to see what's causing noise, especially when someone was just shot to death.
3. If the boys were being loud, as I suspect they were, as most teenagers (including my own) are when they're with friends, regardless of what time it may be, they may have been committing a "breach of peace", and the Judge may have been concerned about his safety and that of his family. He may also have just been extremely annoyed. I have been in similar cases (however not within days of a shooting nearby), and he may have gone outside to tell them to keep it down, or in my case, I tend to tell kids to shut up or I'm going to call their parents.
4. Did Judge Healy take it too far? Maybe he did, but that's for the judge in his case to decide. I know the man, and he genuinely is concerned for teenagers in Sheridan and the surrounding area. How many of us have had a really bad day, gone home, and yelled or were curt and crabby with our family? Do any of us really have ALL the facts? No, we don't.
5. Remember that the Sheridan Press is well-known for not getting its facts straight. I've seen it over and over and over in the last 20 years, so don't believe what you read in the press. I tend to believe more of what Sheridan Media reports (and no, I don't work for Sheridan Media, I just know several employees) than what the Press reports.
Thank you.

everyone should be look at the same

The man was drunk for pete's sake, and he should be treated like anyother adult that assault's juviniles, teenager's or anybody else close to hime when he's had one to many!!
Wow id hate to go before him when he's got a hangover.

O.K. I think it's absurd to

O.K. I think it's absurd to try and piggy back off the poor Ernst families tragedy to excuse the poor behavior of someone. If for some reason a person was scared due to a recent crime and really believed a few people on the street posed a life and death situation, or even the possibility for it...... why would that person go out and contact them? Any sane, reasonable person that felt there was a dangerous situation at hand would call the police (like the boys did).

Secondly I'm sick of everyone trying to talk about the kids like they did something wrong. I've not heard one shred of evidence or even a hint of the possibility that the boys did anything wrong. Maybe they were being loud- so what. Were there any other complaints in the neighborhood about dangerous or even loud kids? I would think the police would have been called and responded.

So please everyone try not to excuse this on the Ernst tragedy. While I can understand someone having some fear based on that- it doesn't mesh with jumping into a one vs. 5 situation. And please stop insinuating the boys did something wrong. They were not charged with, accused of or implicated in any type of wrong doing at all.

Disrespectful Punks!

To all u disrespectful punks out there! You reap what you sow! Lots of whinning about nothing to do in butt-town! Well boredom is a state of mind! They built you a skate park but u don't like the location, we skated on metal wheels on dirt streets. You have nothing to do in the summer, we played baseball in the web-wright leagues, we fished, rode bikes mowed lawns flew kites and numerous other activities. Why is finding things to do so difficult these days, there are more activities available today than ever before, the reason is your parents allowed you to grow up to be a malcontent! They allowed you to do what you wanted and not what was right or unpleasant, now you whine when it's too hot or cold or you have to walk or mow or any other task! Stu u might have made a slight error in judgement, but you little punks who roam the streets raise hell need to get called out! There is lots of tention since your age group murdered and caused other sensless acts of violence in our community. Maybe you should both be cained in public!

Chill Dude

Wow seriously? Why would you even begin to balme all of the teens in sheridan for somethin one group of them did. I am a teen myself, i dont drink, or do drugs. Does that make me a punk? just because i dont like to entertain myself with the hilbilly ways of the past doesnt mean that your better than us. its your opinion yes, but its messed up. Why judge the kids who actually give a crap about this town? When you think about it there is NOTHING benifical for teens to do in sheridan. Sure the park, the YMCA, but why would we want to go there constantly? you older people have bars what do we have? think twice about your next comment about the youth. Karma sucks

What have teens done to show they actually care about this town?

So you don't like being lumped with the teens who are out of control because you don't drink or do drugs. BTW: Good for you that you don't and I hope that you keep it that way. But tell me what have you done to show the adults in this community that you are not a "punk" and shouldn't be lumped with punks? What have you and your friends who care about this town actually done to show your care? I have thought about it and you know what there are plenty of beneficial things that you and your friends could be doing. They may not sound like fun things but you never know until you actually try them.

Sheridan, used to have a hang out place for teens. Several places in fact that wasn't the park or the YMCA. You know what they had to shut down because they were misused. The community tried to give teens something to do and it wasn't appreciated. So why should someone make the effort to do something nice and create something for teens to do when it won't be appreciated?

I think if you are so upset about the sterotyping of teens, then I think that it is up to you and your friends who "give a crap" about this town to do something to change that. Stop whining and complaining, if you truely feel there is nothing beneficial for teens to do in this town, then create something beneficial. Start some clubs, start some organizations, start up campaigns for a more friendly teen community, start something that isn't trouble and will help keep teens out of trouble. With you being a teen, you are more capable of knowing what kinds of things teens like to do and find fun (that isn't trouble) than any of us old hillbillies.


Yeah, Ok I see what you're saying, honestly I do. But I also have seen the hateful mentallity that this city has projected at ANY teen in this town for simply being a teen. Kids are not even allowed to be kids in this town anymore and it is REDICULOUS! The citizens of this town have taken one tragic incident...an act of horror by 3 persons people...not the entire youth community and have used it as an EXCUSE to sentence these kids to a Hateful sentence before they've even done anything wrong!! As far as creating groups and clubs...I agree to a point, but if you honestly think about it, seriously think about it, with the current teen directed Hate coming from this town...should a group of teens try to create such a thing and start hanging around together (even if they aren't doing a dang thing wrong) then it will be viewed (incorrectly of course as most of these posts are) as they are trying to create gangs in town and have gone from being merely "delinquents" to being gang members in Sheridan Wyoming. The hate for the youth in our area would only escalate! And unfortunately, more than now as it is, our children would be the ones to suffer.

I have noticed a recurring

I have noticed a recurring theme to the posts of the youth. “It wasn’t me, don’t blame me for what one person did”, I think the youth miss the point. When I went to school, there was somewhat of a pecking order. For kids who were out of line, there were other groups of kids there to put them in check right or wrong. As you get older, that’s the way the world works. When you step out of line, someone steps in and fires you or puts you under review. Sometimes I think the schools push to get rid of hazing may have been somewhat counter productive in the long run.. Everything in life is earned; respect at any age is no different. If a member of your age group does something to take away the community’s respect of youth, then that situation should be assessed by the youth and the youths leadership.
Also as stated before, there is a LOT for kids to do in Sheridan. With that said, when I see youth who post that there is nothing to do they need to understand "That dog wont hunt".. As others have stated there is lots to do in the town of Sheridan.

Slight error in judgement

Why was the previous post with same subject censored? but you find CAMEL JOE TOE, appropriate? explain. Iam sure people would of read it without being offended. thanks for the info.

Damian Trujillo

Your previous post was

Your previous post was blocked because it contained profanity. The policy we use on this site is that language that would not be permissible on the air is also not allowed on the site.

x out the profanity and submit post

Why can you edit out the profanity and submit the post? thanks

Why would you want to waste

Why would you want to waste our time by intentionally including foul language for us to remove? Just don't put it in there to begin with!

Foul Language

Was the foul language A-hole? or were there many words? I write a post and send it, I do not copy and paste them for later reference. thanks for the info


Didnt think you would censor it.

I wouldnt intentionally waste someones time. I thought you would let it go through without censorship and let the public flag it as inappropiate if that is what they thought. . Maybe some folks would not think it is foul language. I know I dont. The name Camel Joe Toe implies more foulness then what I wrote or is that my imagination? If you censor it just like a radio broadcast, then you can just bleep it out, but at least the point will come across. Since each post is censored, would it really take that much time to x out a word?

Damian Trujillo

If your point will come

If your point will come across with the word removed then don't include the word.


The principal behind this matter is censorship. I know you have the ablility to x out part of a word or a statement, without much effort. Just x out the last several letters of the foul word and submit the post, it would be much appreciated. Control and censorship are just not American, or maybe that is what we have become. I know China is real good at it. This was a perfect word in direct refute of Camel Joe Toe's tyrade.


As an American man, you are

As an American man, you are free to go out in public without a shirt, but that does not mean you have absolute freedom when going inside a place of business with a "no shoes, no shirt, no service" policy. It is disrespectful to enter one of these establishments while violating their rules expecting to get service. Complaints about infringements on liberty and your freedom to dress as you choose are irrelevant. The fact is that when you are in their building you are expected to follow their rules.

Similarly, you are being disrespectful about the rules we have established on our website. I would appreciate it if you would follow them instead of crying "censorship" when you get busted for breaking them.

Don't you think asking

Don't you think asking Sheridan media to x out a word that you wrote is a little bit like saying you need a baby sitter? I see Steve's point, and have to agree your the one who is writting it, all he is asking is to use a little restraint. Your argument should stand on its own merit without trying to point fingers, that's my point of view.

Censored again

I resoponded to your post, subject Check This. I censored it myself so it would not get banned.

It was banned again, I Xed out anything that would be considered offensive. All this BS for the word A-Hole, yea I did write that word down all letters the first time, in another banned post. So here it is again. Censored by me. With restraint.

I do not need a baby sitter, nor does anyone on this site, but yet they exist, just a fact. Each post is approved or not by a select group of people working for Sheridan Media. According to thier policy and guidelines, hence babysitter.

Sheridan media can bann posters, they can bann posts, they can x out words. They can do whatever they want at thier discretion. This site is under constant scrutiny and monitoring by overseers. Yes, I also see Sissons point and I do not agree with it. Cripes, NO SHIRT, NO SHOUES NO SERVICE even applies in China. A little restraint indeed. THE END


DT, With a little bit of


With a little bit of effort you can set up a 100% open forum group message board at almost no cost.. Google sourceforge and you will find all the tools you will ever need for the internet FREE.. Anyone can do anything they want on the internet for free, if they put a little time and effort into it at almost no cost. The point is, this is a message board that is provided by "Sheridan Media" ... If your a Bresnan broadband customer it would be a non issue, I have VoIP and SSH servers running out of two locations in sheridan and never have any issues.. If free speech is your thing, find a way to do it on your terms.

Your post from last night

Your post from last night was not "banned" or "censored." The approval queue simply had not been checked by the time you posted the follow-up. Of course I have not published the original now because your follow up, which is published, was nearly identical.

Thank you, dillio, that is

Thank you, dillio, that is exactly what I'm saying.


It is disrespectful to write something that you know is against our rules, expecting us to accept your post anyway and remove the offensive portion for you. If someone knows that they can cuss at will and we'll just clean it up, we will end up continually removing junk from every one of their posts while they continue to ignore our terms of use. On the other hand, if those posts are simply blocked, then perhaps they will take responsibility for their own statements and save everyone some time.

If you submit a post that violates our rules, the post will not be displayed. Clean up your own language instead of expecting us to do it for you. I think I have made this point as clearly as possible and I am not willing to spend any more time debating it with you.

Just seems off to me

There are slaves and masters, everybody makes the choice. Censorship is slave concepts based upon fear. You can control this site, but something just seems off to me. Let the posters control and censor this site, but I imagine someone else is pulling the strings and we wouldnt want to offend the wrong people, would we? Follow, lead or get out the way.



Sir all I can say is get back on your meds and try some anger management! Holy Cow it's quite obvious to all that you're the type of person who hates the world and all it's "evils' and feel the world hates you,...tho with that attitude, I can't say I blame them. 3/4 of the youth in this town and county have done nothing wrong and are actually really good kids so take your stereotyping and go yell it at your shrink!!


One we werent doing anything bad. We were LONG BOARDING and trying to have a good time for there is nothing to do here for teenagers.
Second why do you think we were doing bad things or had bad intentions? Not all teenagers like to do drugs or drink. Centainly we don't.
Yes me and my brother are the brothers of wyatt bear cloud. We do think what he did was certainly stupid, but we are'nt the same we are alot smarter. Seriously why judge us on someone elses actions? Also why act like you know what really went on during that night when you peoples were'nt even there? Way to be the responsible adult and jump to conclusions. "The kids were going to break into his home and hurt him! Because thats what all teenagers do!" Seriously?


You know, you're correct in a couple of ways. 1) There is nothing in this town for teens to do constructively...why do ppl think they're constantly hanging down at Kendrick Park for? Or at the Skate Park? I get p'd off when ppl state things like "there's the Y"...the "Y" costs money and if these kids are hanging in parks then they probably don't have any. As far as jobs? I'm sure these kids have jobs, some of them are NOT 16 yet and so cannot get jobs due to insurance purposes. And there's only so many dang paper routes. Most teens' jobs are only 8 hours a day during the day so that those that qualify are home by curfew. And not all teens want to spend their years flipping burgers. Jobs are few and far between in this town as it is...most adults cannot obtain a job much less a teen with no experience! So get off your high horse. You've probably had your job for years on end and are indespensible, right? Blaming these and every other teenager in this town for a tragedy is NOT RIGHT!! That's like saying that every person that walks into a bar to have a drink after work should be looked at as guilty for vehicular homicide....and I'm sure you've had one or two in your day...not to mention that the downtown business would suffer greatly! These kids, and all teens, are being treated like the plague in this town ever since the tragedy happened...and no, I'm not belittling it in any way as it was a horrendous thing to happen and many lives were effected and torn apart and I have nothing but sympathy for those involved truly...but ppl, the culprits were caught and are being dealt with...quit treating these young adults as if being 14-19 were a crime in this town!!!!! Most of these kids are just trying to live their lives and simply being a member of a family whose member decided to do something illegal does not, in itself, make the whole bloodline monsters! I think that the adults in this town who have become more than judgemental and for some reason think themselves judge, jury and executioner have some great apologizing to do to the youth in Sheridan and Sheridan county! I'd hate to see, the day when you yourself are judged by someone much Higher than you'll ever be!

You're absolutely right.Bad

You're absolutely right.Bad parenting leads to bad kids.Sheridan has plenty to keep kids active and out of trouble.Blaming sheridan for your delinquent kids,is like a fat person blaming their silverware for getting them fat.


Did you even completely read my entry? That's not what I meant. And no, there's not enough in this town to keep kids active...especially not in the winter...and since you continue to say so over and over in your posts please tell me what exactly other than the skate park and Kendrick park hanging with friends is there to do in this town for underage youth? And please don't say the movies, which only last at the most 2 1/2 hrs and cost more than it's worth. The Y cost $40 a month for the lowest income bracket. Jobs are few and far between for adults much less inexperienced youth and not every kid likes to be a couch potato and play video games all day... So, for the youth of this town, I ask you...what else is there for them to do? And yes, I am an adult...so don't talk down to me please. And for your information you could be a priest and the most patient of men and still have a rebellious child who breaks the law...would you tell the priest he's a bad parent? Please! I said outright that just because a person in someone's family did something wrong DOES NOT make the entire bloodline criminals. That would be like saying that just because you have a brother or an Uncle or even father that breaks the law, that you would do the same by example...it's based on the person NOT the person's family! For your information, I was standing up for the youth in this town Not putting them or their families down. I wasn't blaming Sheridan for delinquent kids, I was chastizing the adults in this town for treating every single youth they come upon as a criminal simply for being YOUNG! Before you make a comment or reply to someone else's...read it completely and carefully.

Let’s just see.... When I

Let’s just see.... When I was growing up in Sheridan I had far less to do.

1. I spent time fishing in the river that ran by my house..
2. I and friends would snow machine in areas very close to Sheridan.
3. My friends and I would rent movies or play video games after dark.
4. Yes sorry I did have a Y membership but honestly didn’t use it a lot..
5. My friends and I would come up with stuff to build in the garage..
6. I spent countless hours cleaning my room and listening to music.
7. Read a lot of books and worked on homework, wasn’t the greatest student but spent a lot of time working on it..
8. Built RC kits provided by my parents.
9. Had a few jobs from time to time that paid a few bucks.
10. Went to the movie with friends once in a while when I had a few dollars..
11. Played baseball and football in the front yard with friends many many times.
12. Spent a lot of time at the library working on the computer, and reading anything of interest..
13. Watched more than my share of MTV, that was a LOT of wasted hours but it was something to do.
There were other things but these are thing off the top of my head.. One thing I was not allowed to do was run around after dark. God forbid anyone ever called my dad and said I was causing a problem.....
Part of growing up is providing things for yourself to do without getting in the way of others who are your elders.

Things for the youth to do.

I get sick and tired of hearing the youth of today complaining that there is nothing to do. I think most kids have gotten used to being entertained and do not know how to entertain themselves without getting into mischief.

Along with many things on your list here are a few things I did as a kid to keep me entertained.

1. Floated the river.
2. Built dams in deeper areas of a creek and went swimming.
3. Skated on the creeks in the winter.
4. Played cards either by myself or with a group of friends.
5. went sledding
6. joined 4H
7. learned to sew and cook.
8. put together puzzles.
9. helped neighbors with yardwork or repairs around house.
10. tried learning to play an instrument.
11. played in the tennis courts at both Thornrider and Kendrick park.
12. joined sports.

I know that most of todays youth would find most of what we did as young ones boring. But for me they were fun and they kept me out of trouble. I too wasn't aloud to run around after dark and if I would have been caught doing so and I was causing trouble I would have gotten a belt across my backside.

As another poster mentioned there are a ton of things that a person can do, it's just a matter of have the willingness to do them. Join a Big Brothers/Sister program and mentor some kid. Pick up an instrument and learn to play and maybe even put together a garage band. Pick up a paint brush or clay and become an artist. Build models. Learn how to fix cars. Just do something that is constructive and less destructive.

Things to do

Well they can read a book, they can volunteer for several things, they can work, they can continue thier education, they can play music, they can skate, they can bicycle, they can hike or cave, they can use thier imagination, they can be artists, etc, the YMCA will give you break when needed, sometimes as low as $10 a month, you also get a discount as a college student.

There are several things to do when you think about it. For everybody.

Damian Trujillo

Nothing to do?

Just wondering, do you or your buddies have a job? I know your Dad does, I know he works long hours, but are you doing anything to bring in some income? You say that adults need to provide something for teenagers to do, so I am providing some advice, get jobs! You are all young adults and you will be entering the real world at some point in time. Long boarding can be a hobby but it doesn't "bring home the bacon".

I'm sorry that your parent

I'm sorry that your parent could not provide something for you to do at that hour of the night..

What goes round comes round.

I remember Stu defending in court a bunch of drunken ex-jocks (friends of his son) saying they were harmless and "boys will be boys." They were not out in the street but were on my property breaking down my back door at 2 in the morning, all drunker than skunks. Seems to be the common denominator with that crowd. I called 911 (that was a joke) but didn't lay a hand on them. Our day in court was a joke as Stu and the Judge broke for a liquid lunch and all trespass charges were dropped. Karma, Stu, Karma.

What If?

What if?, a "law abiding" "sober" citizen, who decided to protect their property, and came out with a LEGALLY registered weapon, and fired upon the intruders? Would they be within their rights? Being as I was not there, who am I to judge? That is what the court hearing is for. I have been in front of Judge Healy many times, and have been sentenced according to my crimes. WOW! I was guilty and punished? I am supposed to be "upset" because He did His job? I would rather not think of the outcome, had I been placed in same circumstance. I would not have been "under the influence" and would have acted protectively. Stand back and let us all see what happens in the court. I am thankful that it is not me in the spotlight.

Yes,there's people like

Yes,there's people like Healy then there's the under class like the rest of sheridan.Luckily there's still a prosecutor in gillette that saw healy for the criminal he is.


Come on folks he wasn't drunk just had some liquid courage in him. Heck when I have a couple I think I could take on some teens. Who the H.E. doubble hocky stix does he think he is. He is the judge but he is not the jury or the executioner. This man has had a problem with the fire water befor. How does he still sit in that seat and judge the rest when he is far more guilty. I think who ever is the judge with his case should use him as an example. As far as seeing a group of kids that age Yes I agree that what you see is not all you see. But find out what is going on and if you get some flack call the cops and let them do the job the city and the county of Sheridan has them here for.

Call the cops?

I have no idea how long the Earnst murder lasted but I seriously doubt that if Bob Earnst would have called 911 the outcome would have been any different. People need to learn how to take care of themselves while waiting for "officials" to come to their aid! Because this incident happened so close to the time of the tragedy and because the youngsters were related to the criminals, I do believe that Healy's actions would not be any different than most MEN in this town. This world is screwed up if they think that they can just dial 911 and any problems will be taken care of by law enforcement officials. Law enforcement can no way protect everyone from everything at all times.

Law enforcement has no

Law enforcement has no obligation to protect anyone... There job is to take notes to be heard in a court of law..



I am not sure what happened or what the story is, but you can’t believe the newspapers either. Unless you were there you shouldn’t judge or say anything at all.

Yes I did mean every post or comment on this page. I don’t think anyone needs to be bashing anyone at all. Unless you were there you don’t know what happened, but I do know the Healy family and I think that they are a great family. Everyone makes mistakes and will pay a consequence for it, but people like you will never make a situation better by posting negative things about people they don’t know.

I did leave my name off because I don’t need people like you bashing me either. I do have a backbone and would never say anything mean about another person because we all do make mistakes.

Thanks for your comments Damian and hope you can overcome your negative attitude!!

Thanks for your comments

Really all I can say is "practice what you preach" whether negative or positive. If you say people dont have backbone if they do not post thier name, then follow that belief. I am not afraid to be bashed for the way I am. Better for me to die on my feet then to live on my knees or another negative saying "I would rather be hated for who I am then to be loved for who I am not."

I still tend to believe Officer Sanders and the court documents in this case. I do know some of the youth involved personally and tend 2 lean in thier favor as you favor Mr. Healy. My heart also tells me the truth, but that is a different post. To each thier own.

This case is pretty easy to deduce. Kinda like math, 2+2=4. Healy will plea no contest to a lesser charge to avoid a negative media onslaught and it will be over with. He will learn his lesson and change his evil ways.

Damian Trujillo


Damian you obviously haven’t lived in a small town before with the ignorance you are speaking. I will feel sorry for you and hope you well through life because it will be a very long hard road for you. Are you saying you are a better person for making rude comments about people you don’t know and it will make you feel better as a person? Why not post a positive comment even if you are on the side of the kids? Your negative comments are only making you look ignorant and judgmental. I think you all and your negative comments are just out of spite because you are not happy with who you are. Like I said before this is only about one person and we need to leave him alone and let the courts deal with it. My apologies to the Healy family for the rude people like Damian who have nothing better to do with their time than to dwell on an issue that doesn’t concern them.

Round and Round we go.

How about this:

1. once again practice what you preach, No name No backbone. You posted that not I. At least be brave enough to put your first name or initials.
2. "ignorant and judgmental" Is that you judging me or me judging Healy, or Healy judging someone else? confused.
3. your comments have not been on a very postive note, very negative in my eyes. maybe Iam crazy.
4. good job bashing. I can take it. I bet you can come up with alot more, just a feeling I have.
5. Been is small town all my life. A thing I have learned is alot of small towns do not like change and people do not accept things that are not "status quo" Yes this road is hard and long. Wouldnt change a thing.
6. I am very happy, are you? could not tell by your posts.
7. I just state facts and use deductive reasoning to come to conclusions.
8. This is actually about several people, not just one person. Yes, the courts will decide. I would never attack children or youth, even when I am drunk and high.
9. You really do not to respond to any posts from me. Just pray for me like the republican you are. Here I go again, name callin. Seriously, if you cant respond in a constructive manner, please dont. Sarcasm or humor is a go.
10. Positve comments: those are good kids that were attacked, I am ashamed of anyone that would do that. My apologies to Lane for the people that attack others. verbally, written, or physical.
11. Try not to use my name like you actually know me. You can use Mr. Trujillo, Mr, Sir, SOB, etc. This is not personal, stop making it that way, too much drama. Strange and disturbed. Unless you are saying something nice, then you can call me Big D or Damian. Only a suggestion, no reason to be wacked out. Try not to feel sorry for me, use your energy in a positive manner. Hey, I do know Stu Healy and do not accept his behavior.



I am shocked at how quick people are to judge a situation that they were not a part of. It is not against the law for a person who is over 21 to drink alcohol, he was not out causing trouble, he was at his home. He was questioning boys that were around his home who were out late as any of us would do considering what had just happened. It seems that people have already forgotten what transpired in the late hours a few days prior to all of this happening. Mr. Ernst was killed and everyone was still in a state of shock (as I believe most of us still are). Regardless of Judge Healey's past, it has nothing to do with the present charges. I would have refused a breathalizer too... He was at his home, having a cocktail, and not out breaking the law... This will be for the courts to decide not the citizens of Sheridan. The harsh comments and judging statements are not neccessary. Show some maturity and a little bit of respect for the Healy family as they work through this issue.

Just a cocktale?

Pubic intoxication is illegal tho, I dont know if you are aware of it, But when he apporach me and my brother and friends, his pants were unbottoned, his shirt was covering half his body, he was stumbling, and you could smell alcolhol from his breathe a mile away. I dont really think thats just a "cocktale".

Amen to that!! And all of

Amen to that!! And all of you that are ready to judge, be at your own home, enjoying your time off of work, and now have a horrible thing happen in your town. I am not a Judge backer, but you know what, if it was me it probably gone a little further! Parents need to know where, and what their children are doing, and come on, we are not a big city!! Our kids need our help! Use your words to help us make responsible young adults, and any more there are alot that are not!! Practice what you preach, look in your own back yard, etc, etc. Are kids in this town need some guidance and we are all responsible!

The act of drinking on his

The act of drinking on his front porch wasn't the issue.The assault and battery on a private citizen by an intoxicated healy is the issue.

Dang it. Hate agreeing with

Dang it. Hate agreeing with you. But you are VERY right!

Show Respect!!!

Leaving comments that are rude and disrespectful without a name goes to show that you are scared and have no backbone. Judge Healy and his family are great people who don’t go around trying to start conflicts with anyone, so maybe some of you need to do a better job at raising your children and being a better role model. His family is not a part of this incident nor do they need to be, so you all that want to make comments about Ryan getting a free ride is a bunch of crap and if you don’t know the family or know how hard they worked to get where they are today then you need to shut your mouth and let this pass. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all and show respect for his family and friends especially the little ones that don’t understand. I hope people that are posting these comments are not calling themselves Christians because you all are going to hell for judging this family.

I haven't seen anything

I haven't seen anything disrespectful on this thread.

The fact is Healy Senior has been found guilty of DUI in the past and was sent to rehab for alcoholism and another judge was in charge of the court while he was gone.Which we all got to pay for.

Now we've got both a sheriff's deputy and private citizen who was out walking and whom healy assaulted,that claim Healy was intoxicated and assaulted a private citizen.Obviously if Healy was involved in rehab for alcoholism in the past,he surely shouldn't have been drinking the night of the assault.

As for the assistant Judge being Healy's own son.Yes it is an issue.The courts are supposed to be unbiased.How can a Judge have one of his own family members preside over the very court that he himself is in charge of.It does nothing but make a mockery of the local court system.


You cant be a sound judge when you cant even follow the law. When you are in the position Mr. Healy is in, your actions will be monitored very closely by all and you have to adhere to certain standards expected by the public. Your moral compass better be on. Show respect and in return respect shall be given.

You want people to shut thier mouth, does this also include the poster that calls the youth, pukes,punks, and creeps? Maybe that poster is a christian in your head, but not in mine. Or maybe people call themselves christians but they are actually just liars. Who knows?

I do not know the Healy family, but I do know how making mistakes or bad decisions can impact your life in a negative. If your posting is a reflection of the role model you try to be, then more power to you. By the way, I see you didnt leave your name. No name, no backbone, right?

Damian Trujillo

RJones and ilk

WAY TO GO STU; these punks are trouble makers
if you loiter late at night nothing good can come of it
citizens are edgy especially after Bob Ernst got gunned down in his own home by three pukes.

I could care less about what these punks or their families think.

Yes we live in free country but we are also free to say what we think about these three little creeps.

Didn't healy get convicted

Didn't healy get convicted of DUI and the taxpayer had to pay for another judge to do Healy's job for him.

The chance of getting killed by a drunk driver is far greater then being shot in your home.

Drunk Judges

I will have to go with the creeps and the officer on this one. Quote from sheridan newspaper:

"According to court documents, during his interview
with Healy, Sanders could smell the “odor of
an alcoholic-based beverage coming from (Healy)
and further observed that (Healy’s) eyes were
glassy and bloodshot.”
When Sanders asked how much alcohol he had
consumed, Healy replied he had consumed “three
to four drinks,” according to court documents.
Healy refused a portable breath test.
According to court documents, Healy “was
very vague on his responses and had a hard time
remembering what had happened and what he had
possibly done."

I have actually seen Judge Healy in a court room environment (as many have, he is a private lawyer and judge). Very pathethic to say the least. Maybe he is senile or maybe drunk or both. Will be interesting to see what kind of double talk lawyer spin STU will use, but it looks like demon alcohol finally got the best of him. Time to pay up. At least he didnt beat up his spouse.

Honestly there are a few

Honestly there are a few things to learn from Healy's actions in this event,

"Healy refused a portable breath test"

Ask any lawyer, they all know that you NEVER submit to the "portable" device as the are prone to failure. Always request 1. a blood test or 2. to be taken to the station to use the REAL BAC tester. So this alone shows me he had some sence about him that night...

"Healy was very vague on his responses"

One again, is this not how a lawyer would respond ? People need to learn that talking to an officer is the last thing you need to do. I know people would take issue with that, however it's always best to keep your mouth shut.


The truth

I have always (not always, but now that I am older) felt the truth is the best defense. From my experience only the guilty keep thier mouth shut.


I'm sorry you feel that way,

I'm sorry you feel that way, but I'll stand by my comments. I've seen that too many times, that the person you tell the truth to may just interpret it in a manor that best suits their needs. It is ALWAYS best to seek out legal advice from an attorney. IMHO

It'll work out perfect.Old

It'll work out perfect.Old stuart already has his son ryan appointed as an assistant Judge over the same court.Now old stu will bow out and the kid will get a free ride until he retires.

I bet as more comes out we

I bet as more comes out we will discover that Judge Healy was within his right to do what he did. I bet we discover that these young men were up to no good.

Oh yes,the fact that these

Oh yes,the fact that these guys were out walking at night was justification for the judge to physically assault one of them.Granted the glass of jameson's was running strong earlier that evening.

physically assault? show me

physically assault? show me a mark and i'll sympathize...otherwise i'm inclined to say lil cause for concern when you look at the whole picture!

Glad to see he was charged.

Glad to see he was charged. Two wrongs never make a right. I'm a transplant to the area and have seen quite a few cases of abuse of power.Good to know at least this once justice will be served. And my condolences to the kids that were allegedly assaulted by the judge.

Justice will be served when

Justice will be served when a guilty verdict is handed down to healy.But you and I both know that a return trip to rehab will make it all go away and swept under the carpet.It'll be the same tired BS."I have a problem wih alcohol,help me.The sauce made me do it".


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