Local Firefighter Makes Initial Appearance in Sheridan County Circuit Court

30-year-old Andrew Joy of Sheridan made his initial appearance in Sheridan County Circuit Court Monday on the charge of Delivery of a Controlled Substance. Joy is a firefighter/paramedic with Sheridan Fire Rescue. Circuit Court Judge John Sampson approved continuance of the $5,000 unsecured bond that was set Friday afternoon on the stipulation that Joy adhere to the bond conditions.

Charging documents allege that on the morning of Thursday, February 4th, Joy delivered Hydrocodone pills to Heidi Haines on the campus of Sheridan College. Law Enforcement officials conducted surveillance at the College the morning of February 4th, after receiving a report from Sheridan College Police Chief Jason Vela regarding abuse of prescription drugs by student Heidi Haines. Joy met Haines at approximately 10:00 am Thursday the 4th outside of her dorm, located at Connor Hall, where he handed her an unknown item. They then embraced and parted ways.

Special agents approached Joy in the parking lot and made the arrest. Court documents indicate that the pills that were exchanged were Hydrocodone, and that Haines had stated that she had received Hydrocodone from Joy on one other occasion, in September of 2009.

Delivery of a Controlled Substance is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine, or any combination of both. A preliminary hearing will be scheduled within the next 10 days, when Joy will have the option of waiving his right to a speedy trial.

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by the way, what ever

by the way, what ever happened to the college student that was caught with the drugs and had a known history of abusing prescription drugs? was she charged, and if not, why not?

There is a serious

There is a serious difference in.how someone acts at work and in their personal life. Not one person who has responded to this can truthfully say that every personal decision you make accurately represents you as an employe. Yes Joy made a mistake but there is nothing saying that he used the drugs himself or forced her to use them. That was her own decision. He just happened to be the one she called with a connection. The fire department itself should not be judged. If you ate truly going to look at that department differently then you need to grow up and look at every flaw you have and mistake you have made and think about how different your family and friends lives would be if they were looked down upon because of that

The Fire Department Union

The Fire Department Union should move out in front of all of this bad situation and volunteer right now for a voluntary random program to show transparency and good faith to the public they serve. Why wait for the City to begin informal conversations, come out first strong and hard and volunteer to random testing!


What are you guys really talking about?

Read the story again. The story states that law enforcement was investigation and surveilling the college student in question for uoveruse of controlled prescription drugs. Mr. Joy was the subject that happened to get caught handing her an " unknown item" outside her dorm. Whether or not the "item" in question was in fact the prescription pills is still unclear. Hence why the judge set an unsecured bond. The Police found Ms. Haines with the prescription in her possession, yet law enforcement has documented that what what handed over was "unknown". Why is everyone quick to judge that assuming the item was in fact the prescription. Let us sit out and wait to hear more. Keep in mind that nothing was said that Mr. Joy, himself, was abusing the substances, so let us all just ignore the statements implied by the reviewers on that. It doesn't matter who has what contracts and who has what experience. Both County and Private contracts are required to have so many EMTs, First Responders, and Drivers. They all go through the same training, and have to keep up with their certifications the same way. The only difference is who is hired by whom.

How wood 'ya like this guy to save 'ya?

Kinda discusting! Higher than a kite........ Who he gonna be saving? Are the Firemen/women being tested like the railroaders? Tell me that Kinskey! Are they being regularly tested for drug use? Git rid of 'em!

Where does it say that he

Where does it say that he was high? or on duty?

Response to RJones:

I know for a fact that you have never worked in the PD or FD field before... becuase you have no idea what you are talking about! Let's not forget here why they are just "sitting around" watching tv or cooking meals, they have had 75% of their calls stripped from them to the less experienced and less equipped private and volunteer agencies. SFD does everything possible to stay busy so that when we do need them... they are ready to serve the city that can so easily turn on them!

what a joke......

less experienced, that is an arrogant comment. Obviously YOU have no idea what you are talking about. The people that you are talking about have the exact same credentials as SFR EMTs and Paramedics, If you knew what you were talking about you would know that those licenses are controled by the state. they have to have the same credentials. The same continuing ed. to hold their status. GIVE ME A BREAK.....

You should really check your

You should really check your facts! the calls were not "stipped" from them, they were voted away from them. the people of sheridan county had a choice in where thier tax dollars went. as for the "less experienced and less equipped" comment, you should check your facts again. the volunteers have a huge amount of experience from all angles of fire/ems services. these volunteers are from all over the country and do it for the love of the job. most of them have training that was brought to the sheridan area from other departments they were part of. some of the equipment that the city owned was given to the county fire board to help them out. are you saying that the city was poorly equipped also?? these department have the best equipment that is out there to help them save your life and property. it makes absolutly no sense to send someone out to do a job only half prepared to save lifes if they cannot help them selfs. so RJones i hope you can reflect and realize that the volunteers are a huge part of this county and they are there because either you need them or you voted them in.

You don't know what your

You don't know what your talking about when you say the less experienced agencies. How ever I do agree with you on the part that they should back the people of their town!

You have no idea what you

You have no idea what you are talking about. Rocky Mtn. Ambulance has very well trained paramedics working for them. They actually have more paramedics than sheridan fire rescue. They received the county contract because sheridan fire wanted to much money to serve the county. For your information there are more volunteer firefighters in this country than paid firefighters. All ambulances are required to carry the same equipment.


NO ONE IS PERFECT! and if you think that you are perfect you had better step back and take another look, because you are lying to yourself! We have all at one point or another in our lives done something we are not proud of, that does not make us a bad. Its another lesson in life to learn from! I think that 5 years in prison is a very extreme punishment considering you have child molesters out walking the streets of Sheridan, that served less time then that! I have had Mr. Joy install my child's carseat several different times, and knowing what I do now, I would still have in install them. He never seemed high, was always polite and respectful! And just to add another note here, I WILL still choose Sheridan fire and rescue over the other guys in town any day!! They are a very good group of guys, always polite and kind no matter the hour! Don't let this get you down SFR!

Take away the fact that he

Take away the fact that he is a fireman in Sheridan.....he was dealing out prescription medication to a college student! hello! Have you not read about the epidemic in Wyoming dealing with abuse of prescription meds?? This is deadly. There was a 23yr old male who recently overdosed on a prescription medication. People are breaking into houses to get these meds. Now add the fact that he is a fireman....that makes it way worse. He is supposed to be helping people?? He has become a part of this epidemic as a drug dealer. Do you know what people can do when they are high or what they can do to get these drugs?? Open your eyes! Its people like you that worry me. We have to treat the drug users/dealers as just that. They may be nice and good people but once they have allowed themselves to get involved in such an unethical and dangerous act, they are putting themselves in harms way and on a dangerous path.


Yes do we all make mistakes in our lives EVERY one of us! The only difference is being caught. Prescription drug abuse is epic in this community and all over the country, it is a shame that the doctors in this community give it out like candy! Maybe we need to take a look at that first.

Just think you were only

Just think you were only paying him $4k a month to watch TV and cook meals.Another 5 or 6 years you'd have been paying him $5k a month.Then after 20 years of doing nothing and being paid for it,you'll get to pay his retirement plus annual cola increases,till he dies in his 80's.

I think it's money well spent.

Oh Mr. RJones. It seems to

Oh Mr. RJones. It seems to me that you know alot of (non-factual) information. With your line of work, I would think that you would have your "facts" straight. Now, why don't you get back to "work" and "earn" your money like the rest of us. Not all of us get paid to post fictional information on the web. Have a good day!

bad attitude

RJones - I was commenting the other day to someone that I almost always share your opinions in these comments, however I don't share your opinions when it comes to the SFD or SPD. Have you ever worked in these fields? You are so down on them but I bet you would have a different mind set if they were called to help you. It is like a family. You can have a bad seed in every relm of life and it doesn't make them all bad. Give these men and women a break. Your thinking sounds a lot like Kinskey and some of his "pals". They make sacrafices to serve and protect us. Give them the respect they deserve and don't hold them all accountable for one person's bad choices.

one persons bad choice isnt the rest of them

Thats a poor statement, Those guys are away from there family's for 24 hours just so that we can feel safer, in there career they have hard life threating choices to make for them and others. I like knowing they are there and can be to a rescue in a matter of min. If someone in your family did the same mistake should people judge your whole family for it. No, just the person that did the wrong doing. Thank you SFD for being there.

We all screw up at some

We all screw up at some point during our lives and make very poor decisions. Sometimes we fall into a rut. This should not dictate the rest of this young mans life though. This also should not reflect on Sheridan Fire Rescue.

What a dope!

Here is a guy with a great job, great benefits from the city, working towards a nice pension and he throws it all away for something as dumb as selling or giving away prescription meds. The city of Sheridan is better off without him. If he makes such poor choices in his personal life, how can we trust him to do the right thing while he is working as a paramedic!


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