Local Fire Marshal Quits

Chad Brutlag's caught mid-slide. (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)
Chad Brutlag's caught mid-slide. (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)

The fire marshal of the Sheridan Fire-Rescue department is leaving at the end of the month.

Brian Songer wouldn't say any more during the station's recent open house, other than it's time for a change.

He's been with the department for 18 years, so the recent open house during Fire Prevention Week was part of a yearly routine. During the week, local elementary students, by the dozens, dropped by for tours.

They were awed by the hydrolic ladder …

surprised by the big hatchet …

and totally wowed by the fire pole, when four firemen slid down one right after the other.

For the Highland Park first graders, fireman Paul Juergens was the guide. Students learned that the department has 15 full-time paid firefighters working in three shifts of five each. So, there's always a minimum of four on, at all times.

That means they even sleep there, he said, in their individual single-bed bunks they strip down after each shift and make up for the next firefighter.

And they share the cooking chores, which is still done in the kitchen of the older section of the building, which is now 30 years old.


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