Local Doctor Expresses Frustration with County Coroner

Sheridan County Coroner Mark Ferries
Sheridan County Coroner Mark Ferries

Dr. Michael Strahan has been a physician in Sheridan County for almost three decades, and he has also served as the County Public Health Officer for 16 years. Dr. Strahan recently expressed his support for Sheridan County Coroner candidate P.J. Kane in a letter made available to the media.

More importantly, Strahan says that current coroner, Mark Ferries, hasn't done his part when it comes to emergency preparedness for Sheridan County.

So what was Ferries' reaction to all of this?

Furthermore, Ferries added.

Ferries also stated that he's more than willing to meet with Strahan, Public Health, or officials with Emergency Management anytime they would like, as long as they can all get their schedules to coincide.

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"Mass Fatality" comment

Mark Ferries was a Navy Corpsman stationed with the Marines in Vietnam.

After reading the article and the comments, I am wondering if Dr. Strahan and Mr. Kane have seen the kind of "mass fatality" that Mr. Ferries has experienced. Just curious.



i think it is odd that both candidates are in the funeral biz. i have never see that b4

Thank you

Steve, thank you.

Coroner not willing to participate?

If Ferries is willing to participate then why didn't he do it when he was asked to participate?

Is it not better to be safe than sorry when a mass fatality happens? I realize that Sheridan is a small town and that large events typically don't happen, but I would rather see us be over prepared than us under prepared, we never know when disaster is going to strike.

Additionally, what is at the top of the Coroner's priority list? And my question is, has he been doing it appropriately the last 8 years?

Ferries is a "Professional"

When my Brother died last fall, I was VERY impressed with Ferries Funeral Home. He was ver good to the family, and understood the problem with funding very well.
Mr. Ferries has my support. And he also has never been in trouble with the law before either..........

What is wrong?

So evidently the truth about

So evidently the truth about Dr. Strahan is more then what sheridanmedia is willing to allow to be posted.Such as his past support of Tort reform.

We did not publish your last

We did not publish your last couple of posts on this topic because you have not provided verification of your identity, which we require before we will publish statements such as the ones you have been submitting. I sent you an email explaining the problems with your initial post and the simple step you could take in order to get it published. You did not reply to the email. A while later you submitted another post which was little more than a restatement of your first post. I sent you two more emails, and you have still not complied with our request in order to get your posts published. Instead, your email replies have just contained conspiratorial speculation about Strahan, Kane and Ferries. You have tried to dodge our site rules and are instead twisting our policy to insinuate that we have blocked your posts because we don't want anyone to know the truth about Strahan and have endorsed PJ Kane. Neither of these statements is true.

You know the real reason your posts haven't been published. It has been explained to you several times now, yet you still made up a phony story about what has happened. If you are willing to do that with this subject, why should anyone believe a word of your other posts?

If you really want to share the "truth," how about ensuring it gets out by following the rules of the website on which you want it published? One surefire way to NOT get it published is to continually break our rules and then make false statements about the reasons your posts have not appeared.

We removed the last portion of the post above because it contained the same violations as your previous two. That's strike three.

Obviously you are not willing to comply with our terms of use. Therefore, your account is now blocked. Don't email me more of your theories about these individuals. I don't care what you think is going on. If you want to share your thoughts on our website where perhaps someone who is interested in your ideas can read it, you can do so if you follow the rules in our user agreement.

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