A Local Comedy Troupe Recounts the Trials and Tribulations of Being Almost Famous

Local comedy group Late Nite Shenanigan's had their first of what will be monthly shows at the Bozeman Trail in Big Horn. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has more:

I don't believe a comedian

I don't believe a comedian should apologize for the art created. That tells me nothing more than the comedian did not believe in his own art, or realized it wasn't very good in the first place.

I am anonymous and I have a

I am anonymous and I have a voice. Wah Wah Wah.

First of all I havn't read

First of all I havn't read anywhere where it says anything bad about the Bozeman, and second how could u hear people talking..It was so loud I couldn't hear the person sitting next to me. The comedy part was ok..It was the video..The Bozeman is on of the only nice classy restraunts to eat at in the town, and who doesn't like entertainment, but when it makes u lose your appettite it's not good...I probably would have much more enjoyed it in a different atmophere, like at Scooters, or the Elks, but not a nice classy place with excellent food like the Bozeman.

People who can't take a joke

People who can't take a joke are morons and they should all be punched in the nose. I was at the show, and the only problem I saw was people who were being rude and talking the whole time as I tried to enjoy the show.


Ok so the entertainment was a little on the distasteful side. But you have to applaud the Bozemen on trying to bring something new to this dull community. And to ban a business because of them trying something new is your loss. The Shenanigans crew knows they need to obviously rethink their act and I am sure will do so. But come on give them a break they have done several other things that were great. Sheridan is negative and just witch hunts anyone that does not fit the norm.


Well I would like to say that I was present also with a group of friends and I found the show very entertaining. I thought that it was funny and original(having a guitar player/singer who was easy on the eyes didn't hurt either). I will have to agree that the video was borderline disturbing...maybe there should have been a disclaimer, "May cause temporary anorexia and Wii paranoia". Ohter than that I had a great time and would love to see another show.
P.S. Thanks for the t-shirt, it pretty much rocked




Hello, my name is Ryan Legler, and I am the one soley responsible for showing the infamous video that ruined dinners this weekend, and for that I am very sorry! I am a local server and have been trying to produce comedy shows in this town for about a year. Part of my job as a comedian is to be bold, produce fast and take risks. Showing that video at the Bozeman was a very foolish risk I took and I sincerely apologize to those I've offended. That is not what 'Shenanigans' is about, so I also apologize to the owner of the restaurant Clint, as well as the rest of the perfomers of 'Shenanigans.' Who we are, is a group of very earnest people trying very hard to spread light and laughter with those who enrich our lives. With that being said, I make a commitment to you all and to my group that I will be better, and I will very much take your considerations to heart in my ongoing attempt to make you laugh. Again, my sincerest apologies and I thank you very much for raising your voice. Ryan Legler

Ryan I really did enjoy

Ryan I really did enjoy everything but the video..Who knows I may have even enjoyed the video if I wasn't wanting to eat anything..I've seen yours shows before and highly enjoyed them..You just took it alittle to far with the video..THanks for doing what you do!

We were also there

We found the entertainment very boring plus, maybe because they were busy, the food was far below the norm for the Bozeman.

I really enjoy the Bozemans

I really enjoy the Bozemans food also..I believe it's the best around, and really like the atmoshere there, but I also agree, and will not be eating there again when that comedy group is there. That video was disgusting, and when I pay that kind of money for great food I don't like to have to lose my appetite..I still love the Bozeman, but do not like Shenanigan's. Maybe you should preview the groups before you hire them.

I agree

I was there also with guests from out of town and for the most part the comedy was ok, but the video was horrible. It really ruined our dinner. They should of had enough respect to not show that kind of video at a place of business or while people are eating. I enjoy eating at the Bozeman Trail and will be back, but not if that group is there.

I was at the Bozeman Trail

I was at the Bozeman Trail Saterday night when they performed, and it was awful. Sure they got a few laughs, but for the most part the whole place didn't seemed pleased with it..I think comedy part was ok...WAY TO LOUD! But it was the video of snot running down someones face, and something stuck to a guys butt, that was awful...We were there trying to enjoy a really good dinner, when we all lost our appetite. We had a party of 8, and we all went home early, and were very displeases...In a different place it might have been alright, like a bar, but not when you go out to eat a nice dinner.


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