Local Candidates Featured in Election Forum

Local Candidates Featured in Election Forum

The second of a two-part candidate forum was held Tuesday night at Sheridan College. Wyoming House Representative John Patton welcomed the candidates and audience by reading a text most of us know quite well—you know, that one which begins, “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility...:

...And “That We” Representative Patton continued, “is when I and all of our “I's join together, to become the We.”

The first candidate to speak was Peter Clark, who is running to be the next Mayor of Ranchester. He told the audience his priorities would be to “continue paving streets, improve and repair infrastructure, increase citizen participation in government, beautify Ranchester, and promote and enhance economic development.” Which, he jested

Mr. Clark followed by giving more details and substance to what he plans to do as Ranchester's Mayor, emphasizing road paving as a top priority. He also gave indications of what his governing “style” may be. Forum moderator Bob Grammens reads a question from the audience:

However, Mr. Clark also said that though he and current Mayor Clevenger “may have the same foot size,” their governing styles, and of course hair styles, are quite different.

Alex Lee, Sheridan City Council candidate for Ward 2, was the next panelist up for some “Q&A.” Marc Ketchum, Mr. Lee's opponent in the November election, did not attend Tuesday's forum. Mr. Ketchum currently holds the Ward 2 seat on the Council.

Mr. Lee, on the other hand, is currently the Chairman of Sheridan's Planning Commission. In his opening remarks, Mr. Lee explained why he is running for Sheridan City Council:

Robert Webster and Melvin Krenzelok, Sheridan City Council Ward 3 candidates were next. Mr. Krenzelok was the first to speak:

He says he would like to change the ordinances, so that if “ten people read them, they're all on the same page.”

In contrast, Mr. Webster had a significantly different list of objectives, if he is re-elected to city council:

Candidates for Northern Wyoming Community College District Board, as well as Sheridan School Districts 1 and 2 were also part of Tuesday's forum. College Board Candidates are tomorrow's guests on Public Pulse; next Monday and Tuesday the District 2 candidates will be on. Channel 14 will also be broadcasting the entire forum, running up to November 2nd.

The two Candidates Forums were sponsored by the Sheridan Chamber of Commerce, held at Sheridan College, and moderated by Sheridan Media's Bob Grammens.


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