Library Expansion Project May Be On Ballot In 2014

Library Expansion Project May Be On Ballot In 2014

The Johnson County Library Board approached the county commissioners at their Tuesday meeting to gain support from them to put the library's expansion project on the ballot as a one-percent special-use tax in November of 2014.

The board had approached the commissioners to pursue consensus funding for the project and continue searching for grant money, but quickly realized they were a year behind in the grant application process, meaning they couldn't even apply for grant funding until next year. That coupled with the recent resignation of Buffalo City Planner Zach Montgomery, who was to help them in the process, led the board to decide to look into other funding sources.

The commissioners felt that the project had a good chance of passing if it were the only project on the ballot, and if the board spent enough time educating voters on the need for the project and the relative painlessness of the additional one cent sales tax.

The one-cent special use tax, if approved by voters in the county, would take effect in January of 2015 and would continue until the project was paid for, then go away.

The library's expansion project was originally estimated to cost $3.5 million, but has since increased to roughly $4 million, and will likely be higher by the time construction begins.

Estimates figured the $3.5 million would be paid off within a year, so the tax would be in effect slightly longer than one year at the $4 million cost or higher.

The commissioners suggested the board continue looking at other revenue sources and continue planning on the special use tax for the 2014 election.

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