Library Expansion, New Rec Center or Both? Commisioners' Decision Coming Next Week

 Library Expansion, New Rec Center or Both?  Commisioners' Decision Coming Next Week

The Johnson County Commissioners will be making their decision as to which project will be placed on the November ballot for county residents to choose.
The voters will decide whether or not to allow a sixth-penny tax to be collected in the county to help pay for the projects.

The tax would go away after the project or projects are payed for.

The two projects are the new recreation center to replace the aging YMCA building, and the library expansion project.
Discussions have been to allow one or the other or even possibly both on the ballot, but the consensus seems to be that only one project on the ballot would have a better chance of being passed.

The Johnson County Library Board came before the commissioners at their meeting Tuesday to ask what their decision was in the matter.

The commissioners, after some discussion, decided to let the rec center make another presentation to them before making a decision, although the commissioners are aware the rec center project is not as far along in the process as the library expansion project.

The library is ready to go to construction as soon as they have the green light, while the rec center has months of planning and no specific site yet acquired. Commissioners Delbert Eitel and John Gibbs felt is was fair to give the rec center one last chance to give a presentation.
They will set up a time at their meeting next week for the rec center to make a presentation and will then make a decision at their meeting next Tuesday.

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