Leveling The "Playing Field" With Fluoride?

Leveling The "Playing Field" With Fluoride?

The Sheridan Area Water Supply Board system is among the approximately 30% of national water systems that do not add fluoride to their water. This was one of the findings discussed at the SAWS Board meeting Wednesday night. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the story:

Small amounts of fluoride do naturally exist in most water supplies-- Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey mentioned during the meeting that multiple tests have shown SAWS water to have fluoride levels around .08 and .2 parts per million.

Janet Berry, Public Health Hygienist for the State of Wyoming, was the pro-fluoridation speaker at the meeting. Many who oppose fluoridating public water supplies point to the fact that fluoride can be highly toxic. However, Janet disputes this, saying that essentially anything in the right – or wrong – amount has the potential to be toxic:

However, getting the dosage right might not be so easy, some opponents say, including Erin Adams, who also addressed the SAWS board:

You can decide for yourself by visiting these websites:



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I really don't see the reason you are protesting our elected government officials adding 'drugs' to our water. What easier way can you fathom for keeping the citizens as 'sheeple' rather than people? Flouride is only a starting point. Remember, the Kennedy family got rich during Prohibition, How many in our current Government are getting rich because of illegal drugs?


Just LEAVE OUR WATER ALONE!! If I want to prevent tooth decay I'll brush my teeth. I do not need more junk forced into my body and skin by the city. Give us PURE drinking water. Stop with telling us what is good for us. I'll decide on my own.

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