Letter from the Public: Questioning Sheridan College

I have held my tongue for a long time about Sheridan College and the plans that they have, but the latest article in the Sheridan Press really took the cake for me (“Kati Sherwood encourages service”, April 15, 2013). I am a full time student at Sheridan College. First, it amazes me that she is quoted as saying “We've had a 33 percent increase in the number of full-time students in the past five years.” I am wondering what happened to this year’s figures? According to the figures I have received from the Dean of Enrollment, although preliminary, enrollment is down by 61.8%. Fall Semester had 2064 students and the Spring Semester has 1276 enrolled students. Where is this increase this semester?

I agree with Kati. More students could volunteer. However, continuing with Kati’s quotes, “The trait I most admire in others is...humility” This made me laugh aloud. I wonder if the chairwoman of the board is truly that far removed of what is going on at the college. I have called her office more than once and left a message, not to be returned, I must add. The college has a non-discrimination policy that reads “Northern Wyoming Community College District prohibits discrimination in employment, educational programs, and activities on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preference.” To admire humility would be to also be modest; something Sheridan College administration is far from. When the College offers a “Student Blood Drive,” it should include all students according to the “legal” statement, but it does not. If you are a homosexual male attending Sheridan College you cannot participate and will be ridiculed.

I know that I live in a very conservative state; however, people who attend college should ALL be afforded the same rights as all other students, and according to their own non-discrimination statement, should include homosexual students. I attempted to address this with the administration, only to be told at first, it was not a school sponsored event. When it was brought to the attention of the Vice President of Administration that it was in the Student Senate By-Laws that it must occur and that there were rewards for students who participated, then the blood draw was a school sponsored event. The By-Laws were suddenly changed, but still the event is not discriminatory according to Sheridan College. The University of Wyoming passed a resolution through their student government not to allow blood drives on campus for this reason — Discrimination.

It saddens me that Sheridan College is like this. I chose the college to further my education not realizing that the Chairwoman of the Board and the administration is so far removed from what is going and will flat out lie to students when they inquire about policies. The college only seems to be worried about where they are getting money for more buildings from.

I ask the voters of Sheridan County to carefully consider what is being asked of them when the College asks for a vote on more money. Lower enrollment and misinformed figures? Discrimination against students?

Jerry Budenske

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