Letter from the Public: Big Business and Fluoridation

Letter from the Public: Big Business and Fluoridation (Photo courtesy Flickr user athena)
Letter from the Public: Big Business and Fluoridation (Photo courtesy Flickr user athena)

I take exception to [the] comment in [a 2010 issue of] the Sheridan Press stating that tooth decay is the most common long term disease in children. I believe obesity, poor nutrition, inactivity, and poor daily oral hygiene all add up to far greater health problems for our children than just tooth decay.

Our children are being used as guinea pigs by ingesting all of the chemicals, dyes and additives in our food and water. Who knows what health problems they will all have in the next twenty years - irradiated meat in the school lunch, genetically altered plants, fluoridation of water.

Parents educate yourselves in your children’s best interests. You have to watch out for them because big business has only one interest in mind – money!

Do you have any idea what fluoride is? Look up sodium fluoride in the dictionary – a poisonous substance among other things used for treatment of teeth to prevent decay – although tooth decay is just as rampant today as it ever was. Sodium fluoride is also used in rat poison, cockroach powder, dyes & plastics, fumigants, insecticides, fire extinguishers, etc. What a perfect thing to put in your drinking water or rinse your child’s teeth with at school.

In 1945 millions of pounds of aluminum were going to waste during processing. This waste was in the form of the fine dust of aluminum filing tailings. This dust was so poisonous that it was hard to dispose of. In Hereford, Texas the water had a high content of calcium fluoride in its natural state – produced by nature – which seemed to assist in making teeth strong – so the aluminum trust decided arbitrarily to call the dust “sodium fluoride” and sell it to all cities in the U.S. to add to their municipal water supplies.

Enthusiasm by the public for a tooth decay prevention resulted in logic & reason being overshadowed by hasty, unsubstantiated tests and claims based on those inadequate tests powerful aluminum personnel put its resources behind overceding opposition to their grand plan to make a profit on their problem child, highly-toxic aluminum water.

I believe from many books and articles that I have read on this subject that unnatural fluoride is a slow and accumulative poison and according to Dr. Dean Buske, former chief biochemist at the National Cancer Institute, “more than 50,000 Americans a year are dying of cancer caused by fluoridated drinking water.” “Any institution who supports fluoridation is guilty of mass murder.”

Why not educate ourselves and our children on how to prevent tooth decay with diet instead of risking cancer with a virulent poison.

Nancy Mickelson

The Health Nut
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