Legislative Management Council to Meet In July

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Legislative Management Council to Meet In July

Wyoming Speaker of the House of Representatives Tom Lubnau has requested to legislative leadership that that an investigatory committee be formed to further examine the MacPherson investigative report of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

A Management Council made up of members from both the House and the Senate will meet in July to address Speaker Lubnau's request. Representative Rosie Berger and Senator Bruce Burns are members of the Management Council and Berger says that they will go over the report thoroughly, that is, once the full report is available to them.

Since the report was released by Governor Matt Mead's office last week, there have been several news reports out of Cheyenne indicating that some lawmakers are considering the impeachment of Superintendent Cindy Hill. Senator Burns says that if the Legislature chooses to go in that direction, it would be a first in Wyoming.

While the MacPherson did not offer any recommendations, it did highlight a number of concerns, that included the misuse of federal money, improper hiring and firing practices, incomplete accounting for how money was spent, nepotism and bizarre management practices by Hill and her top aides. The Management Council will meet July 12, at 1 pm in Cheyenne.

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