Legislative Committee Studies Wyoming Veteran Services

Representative Mike Madden
Representative Mike Madden

Wyoming may need to update what it offers to today's military veterans. That's according to a new report from the the Wyoming Legislative Management Audit Committee.

The committee in October completed an audit of veterans' medical services in the state, finding that more mental health offerings may be needed.

Sheridan/Buffalo Representative Mike Madden is vice-chairman of the committee. He said veterans housing in Wyoming was modeled to accommodate WWI and WWII veterans.

Madden explains what the audit looked at in terms of some of the veterans services that may need to be updated.

Wyoming is one of two states in the entire country without a state-funded Veteran's nursing home. The state runs the assisted-living Veteran's Home in Buffalo, but for further care, vets must use VA hospitals in Sheridan or Cheyenne or the Veteran's Retirement Center in Basin.

Apart from building a centralized state facility, Madden says the committee discussed the Green House Living concept as an option for upgraded veteran's services.

Green House living is currently building its cottage-like retirement units in Sheridan, but they are not intended for veterans. He explains one perceived advantage of the concept.

Madden said that it is the audit committee's job to ask these kinds of questions to find out if there's a need for improvements and pass the information on to the legislature. The report will be reviewed during their 2012 session.


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