LDCC JPB Backs Counties, Coalition Working Together

LDCC JPB file photo
LDCC JPB file photo

The Lake DeSmet Counties Coalition Joint Powers Board, at their meeting Tuesday afternoon, discussed the two proposals brought forth by the work group to try to resolve water rights and other issues at Lake DeSmet.

Earlier Tuesday, Sheridan County's Commissioners voted to back a proposal that would essentially have Johnson County buy them out and approve the Game and Fish lease and Johnson County decided at their meeting to take a “wait and see” position until the LDCC meeting Tuesday evening.

Both the JPB and the Sheridan County Commissioners attending showed up with the intent to have a proposal or two to discuss and were disappointed that Johnson County had showed up with no discussion points.

Discussions by the JPB centered around Sheridan County's proposal to allow the buyout by Johnson County, and the Johnson County Commissioners were in favor of moving forward with that option, which would essentially disband the LDCC Joint Powers Board.

Members of the public attending the meeting were overwhelmingly in favor of both counties staying together and working to get the Game and Fish lease approved, with many saying if Johnson County was willing to accept the lease now, why weren't they willing to accept it in the beginning of the negotiations?

All of the LDCC JPB members except Delbert Eitel voted in favor of backing the retention of the LDCC and having both counties work together to make the Game and Fish lease work.
Eitel voted to back Johnson County buying Sheridan County out and pursuing the lease themselves.

Johnson County's commission will schedule another public meeting soon to make a formal decision on accepting the lease or to move forward with buying out Sheridan County. That meeting has yet to be set.


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