Layoff Concerns

Local Union Firefighter President George Neeson
Local Union Firefighter President George Neeson

During the public comment period of Monday night's Sheridan City Council meeting, Local Firefighter Union President George Neeson addressed the Council about his concern with the way the City layoffs were handled, in particular, at Sheridan Fire Rescue.

Neeson feels that the City could have been more clear in indicating who's job was safe and who's wasn't.

Neeson said that the two positions that were laid off at Sheridan Fire Rescue were that of a paramedic and an EMT intermediate. Since the two employees didn't take the voluntary buyout, they didn't receive as much compensation as those who did. Neeson hopes that the City will reconsider their stance on the matter and offer the same package as those who took voluntary buyouts.


It has appeared from the beginning that the Mayor needs the votes on the council so do what you have to. He has pretty well handpicked his his council. SFR could easily handle the EMS. The city and county subsidizes RMA or they would not exist. Too bad we citizens do not have a choice. RMA cannot respond to a call in the county without assistance from the outlying communities or volunteer fire depts. When the city has a well staffed (used to) dept. and refuses to use them, that is just wrong! I guess CONTROL is everything. What the heck, he was voted in by a couple hundred still the king. It really is not even worth complaining abot..bad dreams eventually go away. Mr. Bateman is certainly correct in my book...but nobody will ever open the books of Sheridan to see the real costs involved.

When SFR was responding to

When SFR was responding to calls in the county they used outlying communities to assist them. It is nice to know that volunteer fire departments will assist RMA with calls in the county. That way people can receive medical care very quickly since the ambulance has to come from Sheridan. The other point the city doesnt subsidizes RMA so you need to know all your facts before you post a comment.

Mayor on Public Pulse

I know this is a little off subject but I was listening to Public Pulse yesterday when the mayor was on and a caller had called in regarding Sheridan Fire Rescue (SFR) and Rocky Mountain Ambulance services. The mayor made the comment that SFR actually costs the city money and when Kim questioned why the city doesn’t just use Rocky for all ambulance services then, the mayor’s response was that it’s nice that our firefighter keep their EMS skills fresh. I just wanted to clear some things up for the listeners because unfortunately the mayor is a very eloquent speaker and listeners might not understand why SFR is costing the city money. Simply put is that cost of operations is greater than revenue at SFR. It costs more to staff and supply the city’s ambulances then they generate in revenue and that is simply because as the caller stated half of the calls are given to Rocky. I’m pretty sure that if SFR was able to respond to all calls within the city they’d be able to make revenue which brings up the question of why we allow Rocky to respond to half the calls? If the city pays for SFR then why allow a private business to come in and take away services that would generate money for the city? There are NO laws that say we have to allow them to service the city like the mayor commented… and if I’m way off base on that comment – please respond. Honestly Kim to answer your question the real reason why the mayor doesn’t allow Rocky to respond to all the calls is that without a city based fire department our housing insurance would sky rocket. The mayor is the one to blame for the “cost” that SFR is costing the city. Maybe if he didn’t allow his personal relationship with Rocky it interfere with his business decisions we wouldn’t have these operating cost issues…

Actually there are laws,

Actually there are laws, according to medicare you have to allow all services in the 911 system, you cant discriminant between services

j82801... so you need to know all your facts before you post

I love how you posted... so you need to know all your facts before you post a comment to greenghost's post when you yourself don't seem to know your facts. I continued to research your "law" and couldn't find anything. According to what I've found on the medicare website since we as a city have an EMS service we don't legally have to let RMS respond to calls. If SFR was a PRIVATE service like RMS then we'd have to legally allow both to service the city. So again, I bring up the point of why does the Mayor not see this oportunity? SFR can go from "costing" the city money to making some revenue if they were allowed to service all city calls.

Can't find EMS medicare law

Where can I go to reference this law? Can't find it just through a basic google search...

SFR calls are dropping

Prior to Rocky Mountain Ambulance(RMA), SFR responded to ALL medical calls in the entire County. Then came RMA, and calls were rotated between the two unless specifically requested by the caller (which I think is fair). Then our great leaders made it so RMA responded to ALL calls outside of the city limits, and rotated calls with SFR IN the city limits. County residents outside of the Sheridan city limits don't even have a choice as to who responds to help them. SFR's EMS calls have dropped drastically. It's no wonder SFR is making no money on the ambulance service, they're not allowed to. What's next, they can only respond to calls within a block of the fire hall?

Kinskey always fails to

Kinskey always fails to mention all the high paying jobs in planning and engineering that he's created to help his developers buddies out also. There's no excuse for gillettes loser ex police chief to be making $108K either

Who'd have thought.Kinskeys

Who'd have thought.Kinskeys buddies failed to tell the truth about job cuts and as a result you have an EMT fired a day after she was told her job was secure.Of course the day before she'd have gotten a better pay compensation.Rest assured Kinskey is "looking into it".

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