Law Enforcement Prepares for Busy Weekend

Sheridan Police Sergeant/Detective Tom Henry
Sheridan Police Sergeant/Detective Tom Henry

With the influx of people converging on the area for the Sheridan WYO Rodeo, the Sheridan Police Department is once again preparing for another big wild weekend downtown and at the Fairgrounds. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter has more.

Sheridan WYO Rodeo week means that all days off for officers with the Sheridan Police Department are canceled.

That's Sheridan Police Detective/Sergeant Tom Henry. The idea is that an increased presence at the Fairgrounds and Downtown this weekend will help deter the tomfoolery.

Henry said that they will also have the command post trailer set up at Grinnell and Main during the street dances, and that they will once again be handing out free water and other trinkets during both nights of the street dance.

Rodeo Week

It seems a shame that law enforcement can't even have days off because of all the "tomfoolery" that will happen this week. Why is there a greater need for increased law enforcement - more people, or the fact that alcohol is involved? Why is it necessary for the bars to stay open all night (one night or not, that is one too many). Our family does not attend any of the rodeo week activities because of the number of people who think they cannot have fun unless alcohol is involved. I took my son to his first pro football game several years ago, and instead of having a great experience, he said he would rather watch the games at home instead of being surrounded by people who got drunker as the game progressed, which ruined it for everyone around them. It seems ironic that in this county it costs way less to have a license to sell alcohol than it does to have a permit to build a house. Which of those two activities has the greater potential of harm to other people? It seems like priorities are not in order here.


Influx of people??

Please, the biggest drunks are the locals. once again blaming the outsiders.....

There are lots and lots of

There are lots and lots of local drunks. But, don't be nieve. There are plenty of people who travel here to be drunk and dumb. Remember the kid who was beaten and almost killed last year? The two responsible for that were from the Billings area.

I remember the incident,

I remember the incident, from what I read all parties involved were seeking trouble in large part due to alcohol bravery.

I'm sure you will be more

I'm sure you will be more than glad to leave our despicable little community. I can't honestly see why you stayed as long as you have.

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