Law Enforcement Investigating County Clerk's Death

The Sheridan County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of Sheridan County Clerk Audrey Koltiska that occurred shortly after 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon east of Sheridan.

Evidence in the case is being gathered and will be sent to the Wyoming State Crime Lab in Cheyenne. Word from the Sheridan County Attorney's office is forthcoming, which we will report early this afternoon.

Audrey Koltiska served as County Clerk for several terms, last being re-elected in 2006.


I have known Audrey since I was six when I moved into the house next door. I have amazing memories of chatting across the fence in the back yard and playing with her schnauzers. She was an incredible friend and neighbor as I grew up. I had the pleasure of being "adopted" into her family as a friend of her niece. I always felt she truly cared about me and my happenings through the years, as I moved on and had a family of my own. There will be a hole left where she used to be.

Cousin Audrey

My father "the late Jim Koltiska" had a special kinship to Audrey. I remember the long talks they had when I was a youth. I can see her listening to Uncle George and Dad picking a tune and Aunt Lena grinning at the bond they shared.
I will never forget the the hugs from Audrey and the extra squeeze at the end. No one has ever made me feel the genuine love that she made me feel.
TJ, your in my thoughts and prayers as all the Koltiska Clan.

My Mom - to Sheridan

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to friends, family, and the whole Sheridan community for your support. I never realized the degree to which she helped people and made this town and this community a better place. The words you have written help to ease my burden. To those who question her integrity, you simply did not know her. She was a mother to all, a friend to the lonely, a helper to those who needed a hand. I love you Mama, watch over us all.

T.J. Koltiska


I didn't know Audry well and have no idea what her involvement in anything illegal was, but what I did know of her was always positive. She was kind and friendly and will be missed. If she was involved in any illegal activities, do not pass judgement because I have seen wonderful people get caught up in things that lead to desparate measures and none of us know what we would do until it happens to us.

I too will miss Audrey. She

I too will miss Audrey. She always greeted with a smile and made it a pleasant time when we visited. My prayers are with the family.


Was an autopsy by a licensed professional pathologist conducted or was the determination of suicide made locally?


Adrey was the one of the first people I met when I moved to Sheridan 15 years ago. She was alway kind and said hello when ever I saw her out and about. I am hart broken to hear of her death and the way it ended. I hope that the people that are involved with this crime is feeling bad enough to take the punishment that is due to them. You have taken a wounderful woman from her family and the people of this county. She was the most kind and friendly person I have ever met in my life. We will miss you Adrey. God has a special place for this truly wounderful woman.

With all due respect

No one did this to her. She alone made this choice. The truth will come out, but personally, it is difficult for me to believe that an innocent person would react so quickly with taking their own life.

May her family find peace. They are the ones left to bear the burden of her choice.

My friend Audrey

To my dear friend Audrey, I am so very sorry for your troubles. I will never believe that you could have done this thing that they say you did. I hope & pray that they continue their investigation & find the one who is responsible, because I believe in my heart you are innocent & the one responsible is still out there. Rest in peace.

Audrey a Great person

I had the opportunity to work with all the ladies at the Clerk's office a lot and Audrey was a great help to everyone there, always smiling and helpful, also so honest and forthright,she was so knowledgable and had such high ethics, my heart aches for her that such a great lady was put in this position of doubt.

My prayers are with her family and the people she worked with, I know how difficult this must be, be strong and God will let the truth show.

My friend Audrey

I am saddened and heartbroken over Audrey's untimely death. She was a wonderful lady, just so kind and helpful. She was one of the nicest people I have ever met. I enjoyed knowing her over the years and having her assist the financial institution where I work. She was simply the best and brightest, and we will miss her terribly. She was such a source of knowledge, and always so quick to lend a helping hand.

I refuse to believe Audrey did anything wrong, and I hope her family will fight to clear her name. My thoughts and prayers are with her family as they deal with this immeasurable tragedy. Thank you, Audrey for all you did for us over the years. We will remember you and love you for the beautiful person you were. You deserve a million red roses.

I did not have the pleasure

I did not have the pleasure of meeting Audrey, however I work with someone who knew her and have heard only great things. My heart goes out to all of her family, may she rest in peace.

watching the results

wonder what happens now

neighbor will be missed

We moved into the same neighborhood a few years ago and Audrey made us feel welcome. She was always friendly and kind, even to our daughter who would talk her ear off. I will miss seeing her corral the ducks up for our neighbor in the summer. She will be sadly missed by our family. The Koltiskas will be in our thoughts and prayers. Dave and Nicky Maxey

I only met her once, but found her to be a very nice person

I am very saddened that she took her own life. I wish she would have fought the charges and shown her accusers that they were looking in the wrong direction. I don't think she had anything to do with the missing funds and would bet someone higher in the food chain is respoonsible and set her up to take the fall.

Peace be with the Koltiska family

Our family has known the Koltiska family for many years. We are so saddened to hear the news about Audrey. You are a loving family that has always stuck together and you are all very giving and kind....just like she was. We know that you will make it through this difficult time and will support one another. Treasure all your memories and remember to share the memories of Audrey with others. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


We are deeply saddened and heartbroken over Audrey's untimely death. She was such an amazing person, full of love and kindness. Audrey was one of the sweetest ladies we've ever known. We've enjoyed working with her over the years and her bubbly presence at the courthouse will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Koltiska family and friends as they deal with this horrible tragedy. We love you and your community loves you Audrey. Rest in peace.


My thoughts and prayers are with Audrey, TJ, the Koltiska family, co-workers and friends. She was a lovely person, with an easy smile. Always willing to help others. She touched the lives and hearts of many people in the community. I am fortunate to have been one of them.

Aunt Audrey

Thanks to all of you who offer such kind words and thoughts about Aunt Audrey and our family.
We as a family are united in our grief. We find comfort in each others company and the support of the community.
We appreciate all of your positive thoughts and comments.

My neighbor and friend Audrey

Some of the best times of my life was hanging out with T.J. and eating homemade bread and PBJ sandwiches made by Audrey. I loved catching up on past memories when visiting the Clerk's Office. I will miss her! She was a wonderful person. My thoughts and prayers go out to T.J. and family.

Rob Aksamit

Peace be with the family

Perhaps it would be best if outside forces were in control of this investigation......the poor woman, peace be with her family during this trying time.

audrey koltiska

You will never convince me Audrey did anything wrong while serving as the County Clerk. She was a wonderful person, always willing to help anyone at anytime.In fact its a shame
theres not others who are are honest and hardwoking as she was.To her family I pray you have the strength to get thru this. God bless all of you. She will be greatly missed in this town.


it's so sad that the passing of such a kind, generous and lovely person has to be overshadowed by negativity of what may or may not have happened in her job. from what i knew of audrey, she was a ray of light, always kind and happy. i wish her family peace and understanding in this very terrible time.

Audrey Koltiska

I didn't know Audrey that well, but she was always wonderful to me and my family. I have nothing but good to say about her. She was a wonderful lady. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends and staff.

Audrey Koltiska's Death

We have been neighbors, friends, and have known Audrey for more than 35 years, and I refuse to believe that she would take funds or allow that to be done under her watch. She was one of the most honest, dedicated people I have known, and I would support her fmily in fighting the investigation that was going on to discredit her. My deep sympathy goes out to her family and I hope they will stand by her memory at this time.

A Friend Always

When I worked for the county a few years ago, I had the pleasure to knowing and working closely with Audrey. I don’t think you could find a nicer person to be around and she will be deeply missed. My blessing and condolences to the Koltiska family

a lovely lady

Audrey was one of the first ladies I met when I moved to Sheridan 22 years ago. She always greeted me, as well as my family, with kindness and good humor. I will miss her, and her beautiful smile, so much. My family's prayers are with her loved ones.


I am so sorry to hear about Audrey taking her life. No matter what comes of the investigation I hope that the family knows she was liked, loved and appreciated. Some times people make big mistakes. My condolences to the Koltiska family.

Audrey Koltiska

I have known Audrey for many years. She was always a ray of sunshine on a dismal day. I have nothing but good thoughts of her. She was there for me when I needed her. I will miss her. My prayers are with her family, such a good family. I feel sad that she could not reach out in her torment. She has a whole town that loved her. Blessings to her fellow workers and friends and family.

Aunt Audrey

Thank you all for such wonderful things you all have said about our Aunt Audrey. She was a wonderful person, friend, mother, and aunt. She had a kind heart and would have helped anyone. She will be very badly missed but always loved by all.
Thank you Sheridan Community for all your loving prayers!

The Koltiska's


I didnt know her but my heart goes out to her family may she RIP

Such a shock

Regardless what comes out in the investigation, Audrey was a lovely person, inside and out. I always enjoyed seeing her at work. She was truly a breath of fresh air at the office.

My heart goes out to her family. The torment she must have felt that cause her to do what she did in the end must have been truly overwhelming.

Our friend

The picture of the red rose by the sad news of Audrey's death on Sheridan Media is beautiful and appropriate. She will be greatly missed. To her family and staff, my deepest condolences.

Regardless of what may be

Regardless of what may be said over the next few months, Audrey was a great person. Everyone can lose their way and if anything I think people should take a step back and appreciate their life for all that it is. I will miss Audrey dearly, and my thoughts are with her family.

Audrey was a wonderful woman

Audrey was a wonderful woman and will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.


My thoughts and prayers go out to Audrey's family. I have known Audrey & her family for quite a few years. I will keep them all in my prayers during this difficult time. She will be missed.

My friend

Audrey will be missed. Have known her for over 45 years and do believe she was a special person. No matter what has happened she will always have a place in my heart.

Our Prayers

Our prayers are with her family and friends.


I've known Audrey for over 20 years and no matter what the person I knew was very kind, sweet, and understanding. I'm very sad and upset over this whole thing,I will miss her very much. To her family & friends my heart goes out to you in this time of lost........

Our friend Audrey

It's a sad, sad day at Curves.

We will miss our wonderful friend Audrey. She was such a joy to workout with in the morning.

Thank you Sheridan Media for the beautiful rose for our friend....

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