UPDATE: Latest Whitney Letter Attempts Position Clarification; School Board Chair Says Moving On

Originally Broadcast,Mon 03/24/2014 10:15am:

Another letter has been sent out from the Whitney Benefits foundation board to the trustees of Sheridan District 2 over the recent funding request for a proposed multi-recreational center. The intent, according to the board spokesman, is to clarify the foundation's position.

The letter was mailed out Wednesday and hand-delivered this morning to Sheridan Media. Upon receiving the letter, we asked Whitney Benefits spokesman Roy Garber what his board hoped this latest correspondence would do in regard to the relations between the two boards.

When we asked what he felt had been misconstrued during this public exchange, he had this to say.

We also asked if they were hoping this letter might smooth over any type of riff that's developed over the past few weeks between the two boards.

So, then, with all that's been said, we asked if his board would still consider project proposals from the school district. He said, yes, but, again, emphasized the stipulations.

Once again, he said, he hopes this letter clarifies their position so they can continue to operate as they have in the past, supporting education in the community.

Stay tuned to Sheridan Media. We hope to have a response from the Sheridan District 2 School Board Chairman Rich Bridger, later today.

UPDATE:School Board Chair Says They're Moving On

By Leslie Stratmoen

In response to the latest letter sent to Sheridan School District 2 from the Whitney Benefits Foundation, in regard to a funding request for a multi-recreational facility, we were able to catch up today with school board Chairman Rich Bridger for comment. He said though the letter was gratefully accepted, he really didn't think the information offered anything new to the conversation.

In regard to the relationship the school board has with the Whitney board, we asked how he thought that stands, at this point, and how he hopes it will be, moving forward.

We also asked, since the Whitney board has said they can not fund buildings, if he thought the school board might re-work its proposal to ask for money for an educational program that could be funneled through the college, as is required by the Whitney foundation.

He said he's just sorry the whole issue had to, as he put it, “shake out this way,” because creating a conflict was never their intent.

To read the letter, set on March 19, 2014, from the Whitney Benefits Foundation to the Sheridan School District 2 Board, go to the link attached below.

To read previous stories on the topic -- http://www.sheridanmedia.com/new...

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