Latest Snowpack Levels Portend A Dryer-Than-Normal Summer

Right now, it is normal to be abnormal in Wyoming. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the story

That is true--at least as far as snowpack levels are concerned:

Jerry Forster, who is the Conservation Technician for the Sheridan County Conservation District, tells us the latest snowpack figures for our area continue to be abnormally low:

He points out that overall precipitation levels are slightly better at 80%--possibly due to slightly warmer temperatures this year.

While an abnormally snowy spring could change things, the present trend indicates we can expect to likely have lower than normal water supply in Sheridan this year. But these low levels are pretty normal in Wyoming at the moment:

Also, although overall precipitation is an important factor for determining annual water supplies, the level of snowpack and rate that it melts is also important, because snowpack that melts too quickly tends to lead or compound water scarcity later on in the year.

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