Latest Candidates' Forum Features Council Positions

City Council candidates, from left, Scott Madsen, Brian Zigmont, Russ Humphrey and Wes Haskins.
City Council candidates, from left, Scott Madsen, Brian Zigmont, Russ Humphrey and Wes Haskins.

This week's Candidates' Forum at the Buffalo Farmer's Market Wednesday afternoon gave the candidates for Buffalo City Council and Buffalo Mayor the opportunity to introduce themselves to the voters.

There are five candidates for two council seats that will be available January 1st, and they are incumbent Russ Humphrey, former councilman Scott Madsen, Brian Zigmont, and Wes Haskins.
Missing from the forum was Jessica Misslin.

Moderator Mark Bentley gave each candidate a minute to introduce themselves and then began questioning them. Questions ranged from their experience to how to deal with street and sidewalk repair to issues with lighting at the Sports Fields Complex.

The question that seemed to get the most attention was “How do you see economic development and growth for Buffalo's future?”
Each candidate thought bringing new business to Buffalo as important, and Madsen, Zigmont and Humphrey said strengthening existing businesses was also important .

As a follow-up question they were asked “how can the city help create a sustained economic growth?”
Humphrey said that hopefully the oil industry will be doing more drilling around Buffalo as has been rumored recently.
Zigmont agreed, saying another oil boom is the best Buffalo can hope for, as it is a seasonal town.
Madsen said focusing on all of Buffalo's industries and giving incentives to help businesses expand is the way to go.
Haskins said relying on the oil and gas boom/bust cycle is the wrong approach to take. Diversifying Buffalo's economy with many different industries is the way to sustained growth.

Each candidate was given a chance to speak about why they should be elected.

Candidate Brian Zigmont.

Incumbent Russ Humphrey.

Candidate Wes Haskins.

Candidate Scott Madsen.

We'll have a look at the Mayor's Candidate Forum on Monday.

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