Larceny Trial Day Three: Estimate of Loss Disclosed

Larceny Trial Day Three: Estimate of Loss Disclosed

UPDATE: Jury Finds Mraz Guilty of Felony Larceny. Check Back Monday for details and a complete story.

More testimony was offered up Friday at the jury trial for Sheridan resident Miranda Mraz, who's charged with Felony Larceny for stealing money from the Eagles Club on 5th and Main in Sheridan. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter was there and has the latest.

The Prosecution continued to present its case Friday as there were once again a good number of witnesses that took the stand to testify. Eagles Bar Manager Chris Kawulok testified that the estimate of loss from what was taken from the safe the morning of April 21st of last year was $4,553. He also said that Mraz had called him prior to calling 911 that morning, and had told him that something weird was going on at the club and someone had tried to cut her on the face. Mraz later stated to the Police that she had been pushed from behind and had hit her head and didn't know how the scratches got on her face.

Mervin Cutright with Comtronix took the stand to testify that the information on the alarm panel and the history log was correct that showed Mraz showed up at the Eagles twice the morning of the incident. He also said that between 1:29 am early Saturday morning when the alarm was set and the building locked up for the night, and 7:18 am when the janitor shut the alarm off to clean, that there had been no motion detected by any of the motion sensors inside the Eagles.

Since it was late in the afternoon by the time the State rested its case, the Defense only called a few witnesses to the stand, none of which offered anything of significance. The trial will continue today with the Defense scheduled to call several more witnesses to the stand. Fourth Judicial District Court Judge William Edelman told jurors that the testimony portion of the trial should be done by noon, after which the jury will go into deliberations to reach a verdict.

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