Landfill Costs Serve to Advocate Recycling

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Landfill Costs Serve to Advocate Recycling

The City of Sheridan is taking a serious look at ways to increase recycling among households in town.

In addition to global environmental benefits of having more “green” communities, there are definite economic factors that come into play in Sheridan. Mayor Dave Kinskey explains that the city spends a hefty chunk of change managing both the old and new landfill sites. The procedure at the old landfill consisted of burning and then burying trash, and today, the old landfill site is still a concern.

The current landfill is, thankfully, more contained, but comes with an even heftier price tag.

This is where the prospect of increasing recycling becomes appealing from both an environmental and economic standpoint.

As the debate in Sheridan heats up about possible curbside voluntary or mandatory recycling programs, Mayor Kinskey says neither will be happening any time soon.

To hear the entire interview with Kinskey on the subject, click here.

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