Koch Funding Climate Change Deniers: Mixed Success

(WY News Service) -- A study from the Colorado Independent finds that efforts from Kansas-based Koch brothers to push oil and gas development and play down climate change are finding mixed results.

The Koch brothers have not just guided politicians but also academic researchers in think-tanks criticizing global warming.

Tom Yulsman is with the Center for Environmental Journalism in Boulder at the University of Colorado, and he says its even apparent that prominent Republicans like John McCain and Mitt Romney opinions of global warming have even been shifted to skeptical as a result of the Kochs' efforts.

Troy Hooper writes for the Colorado Independent and conducted the Koch brothers investigation. He says that the Kochs and their employees are the top donors to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, also nine of 12 new Republicans signed a Koch-funded American's for Prosperity pledge to oppose greenhouse gas regulatory legislation.

Yulsman agrees some polls indicate public opinion is influenced by the Koch's efforts. He adds this point though.

Richard Muller of the University of California Berkeley, working under Koch funding, reported last week in the Wall Street Journal results of his study that “global warming is real and increasing rapidly”.

Greenpeace says that the Kochs have spent more than $50 million in the last 13 years on what Greenpeace calls “climate science attacks”.


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