Kleenburn Access Will Be Closed Starting Monday

The old Kleenburn mine site, or Acme pits as some call the area, has seen many uses over the last 100 years or so. The land that fronts on the Tongue River has seen coal mining and was even home to the Boy Scouts Camp Kleenburn for a number of years. The land is owned by Sheridan County and has been used extensively by off-road vehicle riders. It’s now part of the State Division of Abandoned Mine Lands reclamation project. AML Project Manager Jack Smith.

Starting Monday, July 27th, public access to the site will be closed. The reclamation work could take as long as 2 months, and the site should re-open by September 30th.

There will be a couple of changes to the site once the work is complete. Motorized vehicle use will no longer be permitted and the recreation area will be designated as walk-in only. The area will be governed by the recently created Sheridan County Recreation Board, which also oversees the 3-Poles Recreation Area north of Sheridan.

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Acme Pits/Kleenburn

I've lived in Sheridan for many years and have always enjoyed it.

A couple years ago I became handicapped and must use a walker. I can go 30 feet or so without one. So I ride my 4 wheeler from my house out to the pits to fish. Now I won't be able to.

I want to thank Sheridan County, for once again making decisions for ALL the people. You have successfully SHUT DOWN one more place that a handicapped person would have access to.

Should I name the rest of the places I fish so you can shut them down to handicapped access?


I have to agree with you,

I have to agree with you, I've seen these reclamation in other areas work to only benifit a developer down the road. It would be interesting to see how the land falls into developer hands two or three years down the road.

I agree

I couldn't agree more, the area should have been left as it was. At the very least couldn't they have had some designated 4WD trails?


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