Kiwanis Ducks Gone Wild?

Rogue Ducks
Rogue Ducks

The fundraiser for the Kiwanis duck race turned out well—for the most part. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love spoke with two of the duck catchers—Chuck Simon and Les Anderson to find out what has gotten into some of the crazy Kiwanis ducks

Reports are that the Kiwanis ducks from last year “went wild” and ended up at the duck pond by Fuddruckers, although this has not been confirmed.

The Kiwanis Club is an international community service organization that works to promote the youth and their success in local communities.

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must be a little short on cash if he is worried about a little ducky floating down the Goose.
I as well buy a couple ducks for the race. I also buy pancake tickets and have never used them, but it's for the benefit of the Kiwanis Club.

You can't be serious.....

... I am quite sure it would be impossible to stand in the stream and pick out your numbered duck in order to "cheat"... I bought four of these tickets and have no idea what my duck numbers were. Get real!

Hey Mr. Wizard!

Did your duck even finish the race? (Probably not!)
Next year just buy two tickets to the Pancake feed and only use one.......
Most people atleast know what numbered duck they have.......
But then you probably don't care, and really doesn't matter to you, so why even comment? You don't know of what you are talking.......

What is wrong?

You're right...

I purchased the tickets to help support the Kiwanis Club with all of the great things they do in our community and viewed it as a CONTRIBUTION! "Winning" would have been equivalent to a random draw, as there is no skill involved. With that many floating by, what were the chances someone in the creek could have even found their numbered duck?

It is an annual fun event... as far as purchasing a pancake feed ticket and not using it?... Oh, the horror!.. again, a fundraiser.

Just pointing out a little perspective... I won't be walking the banks of the creek anytime soon to see if my duck got hung up or was lost along the way.

The chances you say?

Near 100% when they pick-up EVERY duck.........
I tell you it was molestation! Those poor ducks!

What they need to do is WALK the entire route and protect the lil buggers for kids harrassing the ducks.

I saw the whole thing, and it was unreal! Next year go look for yourself before you comment? I kid you not there were 15-20 kids down by the Icecream stand getting "Ducky!"

What is wrong?

Equal protection for ducks I

Equal protection for ducks I say. We must join together to end this duck harassment once and for all. I will go get my pitchfork and torch.

I know what happened!

Call it a case of "Fan Interference"
As I pointed out before, there was a total lack of supervision in this race...... I saw numerous kids "harrassing" the ducks, throwing stones at them, throwing the ducks back up stream, and generally just plain messin' with 'em!
I for one think that it is a rigged contest, as the kids were turning the ducks over, looking at the numbers and one parent said said "That 'ain't our duck" and the kid threw it way up stream........

What is wrong?

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