Kicking the Habit in Wyoming

Kicking the Habit in Wyoming (Photo courtesy of Flickr user lanier67)
Kicking the Habit in Wyoming (Photo courtesy of Flickr user lanier67)

With the recent debate about smoking in Sheridan, what are community groups doing to help smokers quit and prevent kids from picking up their first cigarette or pinch of smokeless tobacco? Sheridan Media's Chris Foy has the story.

Prevention specialist with Sheridan County's Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention, Thom Gabrukiewicz, says national research shows that if a young teenager picks up that first cigarette, it sets up the foundation for a lifelong habit.

Based on recent conversations with minors who do smoke, he says they don't buy their cigarettes at a store. They don't use fake IDs. Typically, they're pilfered from packs or cartons belonging to family members or received from friends who are of age. It's nearly impossible to police.

Gabrukiewicz says in Wyoming, there are free resources available to tobacco users who want to quit. From free nicotine gum and lozenges to discounted prescription quitting aids - as well as online and telephone support - kicking the habit is not as daunting.

Quit Net is a national program designed to improve the health of everyone through tobacco cessation. The Wyoming Department of Health provides funding for the program within the state, and resources are available at

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