Keep The Crooks Out: Protecting Senior Citizens

This week, Sheridan Media News is taking a look at abuse of older citizens within the community. This nationwide problem finds its way to Sheridan on a daily basis. Paul Greenwood, an expert on elder abuse issues and prosecutor for San Diego County in California, visited Sheridan last week to share some insights regarding how and why senior citizens become the victim of scams.

Greenwood said anyone allowed into the home of a senior citizen, whether it's a caregiver, contract laborer or salesman, should be thoroughly vetted before being given access to the home or personal or financial information. Greenwood said predators sometimes go to impressive ends to make a legitimate appearance. In addition to verifying the legitimacy of home visitors, Greenwood says instincts can be a valuable tool.

Greenwood said some criminals make their career out of targeting elderly citizens because they may suffer from physical limitations that make them forgetful.

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