Kalif Shrine Annual Christmas Party

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Eleven month-old Kayla Williams.
Eleven month-old Kayla Williams.

Hundreds of kids showed up Saturday to see Santa at the annual Kalif Shrine Christmas Party and Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott was there.

You couldn't help miss it...that excitement and anticipation as hundreds of kids waited to see Santa Saturday at the Kalif Shrine on Loucks Street in Sheridan. The party was put on by the Kalif Klowns and Carol Graham was there with her grandkids and tells us what each child received.

Stockings full of goodies, balloons, plus a free lunch. Now, that's quite a package deal. But all eyes were on Santa and he tells us what he was doing in town

But one thing was missing...Santa's ho-ho-ho. Where was it?

Now, that's understandable seeing it's not yet Christmas. Like any good wife, Mrs. Claus was right beside her man, making sure all those kids got to see Santa. But she had another job.

That all important question most kids fear Santa will ask is, “Were you naughty or nice.?” I asked Santa's helper, Carol Troutt, the same question.

One of each? I'm not quite sure how Carol's going to fare on the list that Santa is making, especially when he's checking it twice, but her heart is in the right place.

The Kalif Klowns were everywhere, mostly blowing up balloons for the kids while they waited in line. I ran across one making duckies, lots of duckies...in fact, 400 duckies. Now, I don't know if it was the music or what, but this clown and I had a communication problem.

Okay, Gigi it is...but how did this clown come up with that name?

It had to be the organ music; my hearing's not that bad. Gigi or not, the day was for the kids and this mom, Alicia Kaeding, says it best.

Little Sydney Warnke tells us why she was there.

We all like Santa. Rudolph was there and he tells us traveling with a sleigh full of toys can be treacherous.

Santa and Mrs. Claus headed out after the party, with Rudolph leading the way. Mrs. Claus says for Santa, it's all about checking his list twice.

Santa wanted to extend a big thank you to the Shriners for another successful Christmas Party.

For Sheridan Media News, this is Judy Hagerott reporting.

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