Jury Selected in Willey's Bar Fight Trial

Timothy Schaeffer Trial started today in 4th Judicial District Court.
Timothy Schaeffer Trial started today in 4th Judicial District Court.

A twelve-person jury has been selected in the trial of The State vs. Timothy Schaeffer. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has the report.

Over forty Sheridan County residents reported for jury duty this morning, with questions coming from prosecutor for the State, Deputy County Attorney Darci Arsene and Pubic Defender Robert Jones.

Schaeffer was arrested October 24, 2009 on one charge of Aggravated Assault and Battery for an incident that took place at Willey's Lounge in downtown Sheridan. The charge alleges that Schaeffer physically attacked a fellow player during a card game at the bar. While the victim went to the bathroom to try to clean his bloody nose, Schaeffer allegedly pulled out a gun and started pointing it at other bar patrons.

Charging documents go on to indicate that when the gun was taken away from Schaeffer, he allegedly threatened patrons before searching out his original victim in the bathroom. Once there, documents state, he allegedly fired a taser at the original victim. Authorities determined that the gun was a flare gun, and the taser had a red light on it when it was seized, which indicates the weapon had been recently fired.

Opening arguments take place this afternoon; it's estimated the trial will last at least through end of day Thursday, and possibly go into part of Friday.

And an important side note: to those who are called to serve on Jury Duty – two potential jurors arrived late to the Jury Selection proceedings this morning; after the jury was chosen and dismissed, the two were called before Judge John Fenn and reprimanded. He told them serving on a jury is one of the most important civil liberties we as Americans have, and the Court takes it very seriously. While he could have fined or even jailed them, Judge Fenn let them off with a warning, but he did revoke the jury stipend paid to the other jurors.

Covering the State vs. Timothy Schaeffer, for sheridanmedia.com news, this is Mary Jo Johnson reporting.


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