July 4th Clean-Up Honors

Just a little garbage after the Equestrian Center Fireworks -- NOT!
Just a little garbage after the Equestrian Center Fireworks -- NOT!

A lot of preparation goes into putting on the fireworks show at the Equestrian Center, but there’s just as much work afterwards. 

Students and staff from the Wyoming Girls School in Sheridan spent much of Monday morning picking up all the trash and remnants of the firework explosives left over from the night before.

Back breaking work…you bet, but it’s all about giving back to our community.  The forty girls and staff were on the fields by six-thirty that morning and Superintendent Clark Fairbanks was right out there with the kids picking up the trash.

Beer and pop cans, pieces of clothing, cigarette butts, gum…all of it had to be picked up and the kids were good sports about it all.  Seventeen year-old Brittany Denumbrun was one of the students walking the polo fields doing her part for the community.

The Big Horn Lion’s Club makes a donation to the Girls School Christmas Fund for all the hard work they do.

It's a really nice event

It's a really nice event every year, people should take their trash with them though. Very nice that the girls school did the cleanup!

Pat on the back.

These girls and the staff deserve a hearty pat on the back for this. I can only imagine the amount of debris left over after an event like this. Good job girls, thank you.


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