Judge Healy Plea Agreement

Judge Healy Plea Agreement

The case against Sheridan Municipal Court Judge Stuart Healy has been settled. As part of a plea agreement, Healy has plead No Contest to the charge of Breach of Peace. In exchange for that plea, Special Prosecutor in the case, Bill Edelman out of Gillette, agreed to dismiss the Battery charge and place Healy on probation for one year.

The terms of the probation state that Healy shall violate no law; he shall report to the court every six months in writing regarding his compliance with the terms and condition of his probation; and he shall not leave the state without prior permission of the Court. The Court did authorize Healy to leave Wyoming for all lawful purposes. If Healy abides by the terms of probation for the one year, the Breach of Peace charge will also be dismissed.

The charges stem from an August 29th incident in 2009, when Healy confronted a group of teenagers that was milling about late at night near his home. One of the teens, Lane Terzieff, reported to officers that Healy had struck him in the back during the altercation. The teens also reported that Healy smelled of alcohol during the incident.

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I wonder if there is a civil suit here? Ambulance chasers...start your engines

as usual

from what I can tell the kids didnt smell of alcohol. he was and adult, a judge , and should have know the right way (911) to handle this, i am tired of seeing the sheridan elite and local get off with a "good talkin to".

no no

The KIDS weren't the ones reported drinking....HE was...they were just going past his house after skateboarding and well, just being kids.

J. S. Luckjohn

wyosunshine why not no

wyosunshine why not no alcohol for 6 months plus if i slap a person under 18 i go to jail.maybe if he is going to stay a judge just quit drinking alcohol,seems to be e problem.


Not really

I am not an expert, but I am pretty sure that you can't plead no contest for traffic violations. It doesn't fit the statute. I agree with the prior comment. Too bad more people don't try to hold kids more accountable. Yelling at them and shoving them telling them to get home is a wonderful idea instead of hiding from the problem. Too many parents in this town forget, or just don't know how to parent. Thank you judge for trying! A slap on the wrist would have been to ignore it completely. A judge on probation for this long is actually a little over the top. Six months maybe. Even DUI offenders don't have as severe of punishment.


Why, pray tell, is a "judge on probation this long" so unfair....if it were you or me we'd get the same if not worse, so why is he any different than anyone else? Just because he's taken a legal oath should make no difference when it comes to consequences for actions he chose to make.

J. S. Luckjohn

How Ironic

It's funny how Judge Healy won't accept a "No Contest" plea in his courtroom except for basic traffic cases, yet He uses the plea in this situation.

re: as usual

Not at all a slap on the wrist. I believe the punishment far out weighed the crime. If anything the kids involved should be apologizing. I’m tired of the attitudes of teenagers these day and the parents who allow their kids to be disrespectful and destructive.


I am Sick and tired of people in this community always blaming the parents and the kids...granted, yes there are those situations that earn that stereotype...but to lump every crime together and state that it's the kids' fault and the parent's faults for not raising them properly is the ultimate BS!! The kid in this matter is a church-going, well rounded individual who did nothing wrong except to walk by a neighborhood maybe a little loudly...but then again what teen or child doesn't make noise OUTDOORS? It was not past curfew nor was it illegal for them to be skateboarding so WHY should they be the ones to apologize? Once again, the youth in this community are being persecuted for being just that... YOUNG! The adults in this community, including our professions, are being treated like saints...but God knows they're not perfect and make mistakes too. So why is it so absurd to think that, God Forbid, an adult in our community might actually have done the things he's been accused of??? Really people wake up and get out of your fantasy land....even JUDGES drink and make mistakes!

J. S. Luckjohn

as usual

a slap on the wrist for a local.


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