Joint Buffalo/ Jo Co Engineer Still a Possibility

Joint Buffalo/ Jo Co Engineer Still a Possibility

Buffalo City Planner Zach Montgomery and County Planner Rob Yingling gave short presentations to both the county commission and the city council on Tuesday, explaining why they believe both entities would benefit from hiring an engineer to oversee the city's and the county's projects.

The county commission gave the two permission to continue looking into the possibility, crunch numbers and come back to their next meeting October 6 to present their findings.

Some concerns that need to be worked out include whether the city or county would hire the engineer, how the other entity would reimburse the other for services and where to houd=se the office for the engineer.

Preliminary agreements are leaning toward splitting expenses evenly between the city and county, but still need to be negotiated.

That evening, they presented their proposal to the city council, who had a number of the same concerns as the commissioners, but they wanted to take the information given to them to digest before making any decision on the matter.

So as of Tuesday, the two entities still don't have a joint engineer, but the idea is being considered.

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