Johnson County Planner Upset With Decision On C.I.P.

Johnson County Planner Rob Yingling
Johnson County Planner Rob Yingling

At the last commission meeting, Johnson County Planner Rob Yingling discussed his displeasure with the commissioner's decision to use Buffalo City Planner Zach Montgomery to draw a county Capital Improvements Plan(CIP).

Yingling said he was surprised and felt “insulted” when he found the county commissioners had approached Montgomery to do the work, citing his experience in performing these types of plans in the past before coming to work for the county.

Commissioner Jim Hicks addressed the issue, saying he knew the city had just finished their CIP and while discussing it in the meeting he asked for help without meaning to insult Yingling or any other county employee, and apologized for the unintentional snub.
Hicks went on to say he is interested in getting a CIP with the same information as what the city has so there isn't duplication of funds and effort put toward similar or identical projects from both entities.

Yingling encouraged the commissioners to review their employee files to familiarize themselves with their experience and qualifications to avoid going elsewhere to get projects completed that could be done in-house by existing county employees.

Hicks will take what information has been compiled for the CIP so far and work with Yingling to get the project completed.

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