Johnson County Discusses Fuel Depot, No Action Taken

Johnson County Discusses Fuel Depot, No Action Taken

At their meeting Tuesday, the Johnson County Commissioners discussed the proposed fuel depot that has been a contentious issue in recent months.

The proximity to a natural creek and the possibility of a fuel spill have some residents in the county asking the commissioners to find a site where a spill would be less likely to find its way into the local waterways.

Nelson Engineering, who is designing the proposed depot, said they have received tentative approval of the State Fire Marshall on their plans, with a change to construct a three-foot concrete barrier around the fuel station to contain any possible spills.

Dave Stewart, who lives downstream from the proposed site, asked the commissioners to seek the legal opinion of the county attorney on what liability the county and all citizens would have in the event of a spill. He also urged the commissioners to find a more suitable site away from waterways.

Commissioner Jim Hicks suggested the county look into the possibility of relocating the depot or abandoning the project altogether, saying the possibility of using a private entity for fuel should be looked into.

The county used to get fuel from private entities in the past but had no one bid for fuel service the last time they asked for bids, which prompted the county to look into building their own depot.
Hicks suggested talking with local fuel retailers to find out why they didn't bid and work with them to solve whatever issues they have with providing the service to the county.

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