Johnson County Commissioners Discuss Code Red Upgrade

Johnson County Commissioners Discuss Code Red Upgrade

At their meeting Tuesday, the Johnson County Commissioners heard a report from County Emergency Management Coordinator Marilyn Connolly on a proposed update to the Code Red Notification System in the county.

She explained that the upgrade would add weather notification to the existing Code Red system to notify residents in an area experiencing severe weather. The system would notify them automatically after residents sign up for the program.

She explains further.

The county currently pays an annual fee of $7,500 for their existing Code Red Service, and Connolly said Code Red would give the county a deal on the addition of the weather notification service.

The services would normally cost $11,000 but Code Red will pro-rate this year's services and cut some of the county's unused allotted minutes on the system and charge an additional $2,110 for the weather notification service, which will boost the county's total cost of the Code Red System to $9,610 per year for the required three-year commitment to the service.

The commissioners voted to approve the additional weather notification services to their existing system, pending review and approval of County IT Department Manager Rande Money.

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